Fandom Of The Month Club – March 2016

Fandom Of The Month Club is a fangirl’s dream jewelry subscription box! You receive 3 – 4 pieces of jewelry in a custom designed bag along with a magnet, all representing that month’s chosen fandom.


Fandom Of The Month Club
Cost: $13.00 USD plus $11.50 international shipping –> I paid a total of $29.89 AUD.
Ships To: Worldwide.
Mailed Out: between the 20th – 25th of each month.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
**Note: subscriptions auto-renew on the 1st of each month**


Your fandom-themed goodies are shipped in this cute box with an owl on it! Very Harry Potter, I love it. 😀 Mine was dispatched on the 24th of March and I received it on the 4th of April. Anything under two weeks to Australia is pretty good, imo!


First look at the box.

This month’s theme is Avengers, just in time for the 3rd movie release! Happy I can wear some themed jewelry to the movie 😀



LOKI! ❤ I’ve seen previous FOTMC magnets and the minimalist style doesn’t appeal to me much, but this particular magnet really captures him – those distinctive horns and green & gold costume make sure you can’t mistake him for anyone else! He’s my favorite, and I didn’t expect him in the Avengers box, so it’s great that Loki features on the magnet! Because what are superheroes without a villain to oppose? 😉


The jewelry is safely tucked into this bag – took me a minute to realize that was Nick Fury’s eye-patch on the design!


Spiderman bracelet: A+ for concept, this looks amazing. It really is a stunning piece – I might put it on display on my bookshelf! That would be because I find it irritating to wear, the Spiderman charm jumped and flipped around way too much, which bugged me as soon as I tried it on.

Some other subscribers suggested either taking it off or attaching another ring around his ankle to secure him, but I’m too worried I’ll wreck the piece to try adjusting it. Maybe I’ll see if there’s a vase or something I can wrap this around as a statement feature.


Captain America earrings: these are way too massive and clunky, imo. I’m not a fan at all, they’d look ridiculous on me when they’re nearly the size of my glasses! I wish the earrings had been studs like last month.

I also feel these look cheap – as soon as I picked them up, you could see fingerprint smudges and the concentric circles don’t all fit smoothly against each other, a couple are raised higher or have a small gap in between, which ruins the look for me.


Iron Man arc reactor necklace: this photo doesn’t do it justice, the blues are so much more vibrant in real life. We’re onto a winner with this one, I adore this necklace and have been wearing it every day since my box arrived. I love the weight of the pendant and the length of the necklace, it’s perfect for me.

I bought a piece like this a couple years ago and was disappointed at how cheap it appeared – basically just a print-out of the design with a plastic globe over it, so I’m pleased with how well-made the FOTMC’s version is!

The design is one only geeks would recognize, but I’m amused that some other adults think this is Venetian glass! I do have a necklace from Italy and can see the similarity and why they’d think that, lol. That’s fine, I’m not fussed about that comparison!

Thor’s Hammer ring: AMAZING. This is another piece I love and have been wearing daily as well! I’ve received a ton of compliments for this gorgeous ring! The construction is great, I play with my rings a lot and this feels so lovely and smooth, and I like the detailing on the hammer. It’s a cool design, very subtly geeky!

I don’t mind wearing something where the fandom is really obvious, but it’s neat being able to wear the more understated pieces to work. ^_^ And the Iron Man & Thor-inspired pieces work well together, even if the characters frequently clash in the movies!


Everything in the box.


Worth It? Fandom jewelry is very big online, and if you google, you may be able to find similar pieces on the interwebz. However, jewelry or bonus goodies are sometimes created specifically for FOTMC, so you wouldn’t be able to get those anywhere else.

In this case, only the Iron Man necklace turned up in a quick search – it can be found for $6.76 on Etsy (I’ve been burned before with cheap items from China for $1 so that’s a no-go for me) but with shipping to Australia, that would be nearly $20. Taking that into account, it means I got the ring and magnet that I loved for only $9 – not a bad deal. I’m used to paying double the cost to get boxes sent to Australia, so I have to think whether the price was worth it to me, and I’m happy to have two pieces of jewelry and one Loki magnet for just under $30.

I would definitely recommend this for Americans, since it’s so much cheaper over yonder, but I think it’s also decent value for international subscribers, and so much fun to open and discover what cool items are inside!

Quality Curation? I like the variety in this box – with one ring, necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings, there’s something for everyone. We also have a good mix of the well-known Avengers.

I do think Black Widow should’ve featured on this instead of Spiderman as she’s been part of the Avengers as long as the franchise has existed in the movie-verse, whereas Spidey’s only just now appearing in the 3rd movie…it’s a pet peeve of mine that a lot of Avengers merchandise ignore the women and just focus on the male superheroes. But he’s a very popular character, so I can understand why he was included – I just wish at least one female character would get to feature in these Marvel/Avenger-themed boxes!

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 kitties approve!


Find Out More: you can view other gorgeous pieces featured in Fandom Of The Month Club on Facebook and Instagram.

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