Cattitude Club Subscription Box Review – March 2016

Cattitude Club is a monthly subscription box for your favorite feline! Each box comes with 4 – 6 products that may include toys and treats, or accessories and cat care products.


I still get a kick out of the hand-written message with cat pun…I’m too easily amused! (on a side-note, I’ve seen messages on other boxes in black and I find it interesting mine is in pink, since that’s my office’s corporate color. Just a fun coincidence)

Cattitude Club
Cost: $30.00 monthly or $85.00 for a 3-monthly subscription.
Ships To: Australia only for an additional $5.
Payment Method: Credit card only.
Mailed Out: on the 13th of each month or next business day.
*Note: there are recurring charges on the 27th of the month for subscribers*

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Poptaria Pop Culture Mystery Box – March 2016

Poptaria offers a monthly themed box designed to appeal to geeks and gamers. As you can see on their Past Boxes page, each box tends to contain between 5 – 7 items which may include pop vinyls, action figures, accessories, comics, books and more.


Poptaria arrives in a plain white box with its neat dragon logo on top.

Cost: $49.99 for one month, $146.97 for three months or $563.88 for twelve months.
Ships To: Australia only.
Mailed Out: before the end of each month
Payment Method: Paypal, credit card or via EFT

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Yogi Surprise Jewelry Subscription Box – March 2016

Yogi Surprise started off with a yoga-themed lifestyle package and then expanded to offer a jewelry subscription that includes 2 items of jewelry and one organic vegan chocolate treat.


Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box
Cost: $24.99 (USD) for a monthly subscription
Ships To: US for free and internationally for $15
Mailed Out: on the 6th of each month
Payment Method: Credit card only
**note: there are recurring charges on the 14th of each month**

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Loot Crate loot4love part 2

Previously in my ludicrous overspend on Loot Crate, I reviewed the Extra Loveable Loot Bundle. Now I’ll go through the second box I purchased, which was the Women’s Extra Loveable Accessories Bundle, costing $29.99 USD plus $10 shipping to Australia.


This bundle offered: ‘a charm, bracelet, bag and more from 2015 that’ll enhance and level up your wardrobe. Over $80 in retail value that includes exclusives from Star Wars, Legend of Zelda and more!’

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Once Upon A BookCase – March 2016


This is a good haul! I love receiving packages!

I think I’m getting a reputation at the post office as the ‘crazy box girl’, lol, and the poor postman is complaining about having to climb up the stairs to my first floor office practically every day.


Once Upon A BookCase is a book-themed phone case of the month subscription accompanied by 2-4 similarly themed accessories. They have tons of phone options so you can customize to your phone (view all options here) and you can further choose from the Girly Girl, Manly Man or Anything & Everything plans according to your preferences!

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Splash Box – Surprise Box February 2016

Splash Box is a bi-monthly women’s subscription box that contains 5 – 7 products from categories including home decor, beauty, fashion and snack foods. It’s admirable that they try to source from small Australian businesses with each box. For a limited time, they’re offering the Surprise Box with items from previous months at a discounted price, which is a deal I jumped on so I could test the waters and see whether I wanted to subscribe to the full-price Splash Box in future.


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Fandom Collections – Harry Potter set

Fandom Collections was such a nifty site that when I stumbled across it, I instantly purchased their Harry Potter collection of themed jewelry. I’ve only since realized when searching on ebay that the individual items could be purchased at a much lower cost than the $15 they charged for the three pieces.

I’m a little amused at the audacity of their claim that the watch ‘cannot be bought anywhere else’ – that may indeed be true, however, they simply took the Harry Potter braided bracelet that can be purchased for less than $2 from China with free shipping and added a watch face, while unthreading the Deathly Hallows charm which was then strung on a necklace as a brand new piece for the set. Quite astute business thinking, if not a little deceptive. Lesson learned, I will not ever buy on impulse again without doing the research first!


A few bonus items included, as explained below.

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Loot Crate loot4love Part 1

I’ve been intrigued by Loot Crate for a while and when I heard about their loot4love sale, I lost my head a little and bought four of the boxes! It seemed like a good idea at the time, lol, seeing a cross-section of the items from past boxes in 2015 and judging whether or not I should consider subscribing in the future. What I’ve learned is that I probably would not subscribe to the original Loot Crate unless they had a theme I couldn’t live without, but am interested in the Level Up bundles.


Let’s look at the Extra Loveable Loot Bundle, which was $29.99 USD plus shipping ($10 to Australia). This promised: “A smorgasborg of awesome items from 2015, including the Captain America Hydra Pin! PLUS OTHER ITEMS WITH Over $120 in retail value that includes useful gear and exclusives from Captain America,Halo & Call Of Duty and more!

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