Geek {Chic} Monthly – May 2016 Review & July Spoilers

Geek {Chic} Monthly provides you with 3 fandom-inspired pieces of jewelry, all matching the month’s chosen fandom. In addition to jewelry, you also receive 1 – 2 additional themed goodies which in the past has included items such as coin purses, stickers and cord organizers.


Geek {Chic} Monthly
Cost: $15.00 USD per month.
Shipping Costs: $3.00 to the US / $10.00 to Canada / $15.00 to the rest of the world.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
Mailed Out: the 15th of each month.
**Note: this subscription auto-renews and you are billed on the 15th of each month**

I received an email notification with tracking number when my box was shipped on Friday the 13th of May and it arrived in Australia and was delivered just a little over a week later on Monday, May 23rd.

Unfortunately I didn’t get it til the next day due to a malfunction in the mailbox at work – turns out if the postman pushes a parcel through from the outside with enough pressure, it can slip through the inside door, fall to the bottom of the cupboard and into a hidey-hole below where our gas meter is concealed! :O Lesson learned, I have now covered that up properly so no future parcels go missing!


First look inside the box shows off the info card with images featuring DC & Marvel characters, leading into this month’s theme: Superheroes!

I love when an info card incorporates a cool design so it doubles as an artwork piece – I will add this to my display at my work desk! ^_^


The reverse of the card has a cute photo of Deadpool along with the details for Geek {Chic} Monthly on social media. However it doesn’t list the contents of the box, so if you didn’t follow their updates, you wouldn’t be aware that an item was missing from the box! Each month, the cover of the box is redesigned to match the new theme – unfortunately, the boxes manufactured for this month were too small, so the cuff bracelet wouldn’t fit and had to be mailed separately.



Iron Man coin purse: all the items aside from the bracelet were enclosed inside this pouch which has the Iron Man design on the front! What a great idea! I love that when you unwrap the tissue paper, the mystery deepens instead of all being revealed, I always enjoy when you don’t see the full spread of items as soon as you open a box and it’s a gradual process of discovery.

The pouch is made of soft plush material and feels lovely to touch; while it’s not quite round and so the design looks a little off-center, overall, I think it’s quite well-made and will come in useful!


Wonder Woman sticker: a beautiful sticker of the classic Wonder Woman from the comics. I’m more familiar with the recent depiction of Wonder Woman by Gal Gadot, but I like this design, it looks gorgeous and the colors really pop. That said, I don’t really use stickers much personally – I’m a bit wishy-washy and I just know as soon as I stick it down on something, I’ll immediately change my mind and then try to scrape it off and wind up with gooey residue. Let me know if you have any ideas on what to do with this!


Captain America earrings: I like how they were packaged – the earrings I’ve received in previous boxes were simply tucked inside a plastic sleeve, but these were secured in a piece of styrofoam, which is a nice touch for the presentation. Such a small thing, but I appreciate the thought!


This is the second pair of Captain America-themed earrings I’ve received! The first were in the March box from Fandom of the Month Club, but I much prefer these ones. Mini-Cap is absolutely adorable and they’re the perfect size for me – personally I prefer small discreet earrings rather than big dangly ones, so I love these!


Thor helmet necklace: I nearly died when I saw this and thought it was Loki’s helmet, but alas, it is the other brother! 😛 I do like Thor and I have a ring shaped like Thor’s hammer so I can now co-ordinate with Thor’s helmet. It’s a large piece of very solid silver, and thankfully I do enjoy my large chunky necklaces, so this is another welcome piece!


I took another photo with a different background to bring out the detail in the helmet. I’m not sure why I haven’t seen this before – people seem to either design Loki‘s helmet or Thor’s Hammer, but Thor’s helmet is not seen often. It’s cool to see something a bit different, considering how many subscription boxes have been featuring superhero-themed jewelry lately!


Batman cuff bracelet: This was the jewelry piece that featured on Instagram prior to the deadline for ordering and what interested me in purchasing this box. It’s also the reason this review is a bit late – the Batman design was too large to fit into the box and had to be mailed separately. Although posted on the same day, this only arrived May 30th, a full week after the box! O.o Ah, the joys of international shipping…


But it was well-worth the wait! The hinge snaps back to allow you to slide it onto your wrist more easily and then sit securely in place. I love how edgy and gothic this bracelet is, plus it feels solid and well-made. It’s also really neat how the design has black stones set into the black metal, so there’s a subtle shimmer and gleam when they catch the light!



Curation: I love the Superhero theme and the items designed for the various characters. I’ve had a look online to see if I can find these pieces, but haven’t had any luck, so they aren’t commonly available. And while a couple boxes have done an Avengers theme this year, the items haven’t been repeated and Thor’s helmet in particular is quite a unique choice for the character. Always good to see someone think outside the box 😉

I do wish Wonder Woman had something a bit more substantial than a sticker, but all the other pieces are fantastic! I love and will wear all of the jewelry, which is a first for me out of three different jewelry boxes. 😀

Worth It? I can’t find a value for the individual items in the box, so this is more about whether the cost is worth it to you, and it certainly is for me. I’m officially declaring this my favorite geeky fandom jewelry subscription box. I’ve previously tried out Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly and Fandom of the Month Club, and while each have their appeal and devoted fanbases, Geek {Chic} wins hands down in my eyes. ❤

First of all, you know the theme you’re subscribing to, so there’s no disappointment when you open up the box to find jewelry for a fandom you don’t know or don’t like.

Second, you can skip a month if the theme doesn’t appeal to you.

Third, there’s usually at least one spoiler pic on Instagram prior to the deadline so you know prior to signing up that there will be something you like coming in the mail!

Considering the exchange rate and cost of international shipping to Australia, at least with Geek {Chic} I can rest easy knowing my $33-$34 AUD will be well-spent and I’ll be happy with the box overall.

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: You can view sneak peaks, spoilers and more from Geek Chic Monthly on Facebook and Instagram. July’s box is now on sale and the theme is Wholock, a combination of the Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms!


I purchased this box, and this review is based on my personal opinion. No compensation was received.

4 thoughts on “Geek {Chic} Monthly – May 2016 Review & July Spoilers

  1. I’ve read all your reviews. Just been slack on commenting lately.
    This brands box looks great, and the next theme is definitely my interest too.
    However, again with only credit card option. So until I get paid more/often, it’ll be a temptation I won’t give into probably.

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