Spark and Sparrow – ‘I Did Something Bad…’ Special Edition Bookish Candle Box Review

Spark and Sparrow is an Australian small business that started out specializing in candles and has branched out into a range of other products including bookmarks & prints, lip balms & perfumes and a range of bath products.


Spark and Sparrow
Cost: $55 AUD
Shipping: $11 AUD
Payment Method: Paypal and Credit Cards.
Availability: the box is sold out with only a limited stock of extras up for purchase

Full disclosure, I’m currently repping for Spark + Sparrow (use my rep code BORG10 if you purchase anything!), but I personally paid for this box as the theme was too good to miss! ❤


A villains-themed box, 100% relevant to my interests!

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Frankly Fictional – March 2018 Bookish Box: ‘Happily Ever After’


Frankly Fictional is an Etsy shop that sells handmade soy candles and, starting in January this year, has been offering limited edition boxes that contain candles and assorted bookish goodies.

Frankly Fictional
Cost: $37
Shipping Costs: $17 within Australia
Payment Method: Credit Card or Paypal

Note: if you check them out on instagram and look up their reps, you can usually find a discount code for 10% off.

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Fandom Collections – Harry Potter set

Fandom Collections was such a nifty site that when I stumbled across it, I instantly purchased their Harry Potter collection of themed jewelry. I’ve only since realized when searching on ebay that the individual items could be purchased at a much lower cost than the $15 they charged for the three pieces.

I’m a little amused at the audacity of their claim that the watch ‘cannot be bought anywhere else’ – that may indeed be true, however, they simply took the Harry Potter braided bracelet that can be purchased for less than $2 from China with free shipping and added a watch face, while unthreading the Deathly Hallows charm which was then strung on a necklace as a brand new piece for the set. Quite astute business thinking, if not a little deceptive. Lesson learned, I will not ever buy on impulse again without doing the research first!


A few bonus items included, as explained below.

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