Fandom Collections – Harry Potter set

Fandom Collections was such a nifty site that when I stumbled across it, I instantly purchased their Harry Potter collection of themed jewelry. I’ve only since realized when searching on ebay that the individual items could be purchased at a much lower cost than the $15 they charged for the three pieces.

I’m a little amused at the audacity of their claim that the watch ‘cannot be bought anywhere else’ – that may indeed be true, however, they simply took the Harry Potter braided bracelet that can be purchased for less than $2 from China with free shipping and added a watch face, while unthreading the Deathly Hallows charm which was then strung on a necklace as a brand new piece for the set. Quite astute business thinking, if not a little deceptive. Lesson learned, I will not ever buy on impulse again without doing the research first!


A few bonus items included, as explained below.

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