Loot Crate Level Up Women’s Accessories Review – March 2016

Loot Crate’s Level Up subscription is separate to the monthly crate and while they share the same theme, there is no cross-over between items so you don’t have to worry about duplicates if you have a regular subscription.You can view past items or see spoilers for the next lot of Level Up items over here (there’s still 2 days to purchase if you’re interested).

There are 4 different Level Up options for either a t-shirt, socks, accessories or a wearable item. You can also purchase a bundle which combines either the wearable & socks OR the accessories & t-shirt.

Level Up is a good choice if you’re not into collectibles and prefer to receive wearable items that you can make use of in your everyday life. I chose to purchase the accessories level up, which shared the Loot Crate ‘Versus’ theme for March, and spoilers indicated it would feature Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman!


Loot Crate Level Up – Women’s Accessories
Cost: $13.99 USD plus shipping โ€“> I paid a total of $24.96 AUD.
Ships To: Worldwide.
Mailed Out: between the 20th โ€“ 24th of each month.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
*Note: subscriptions renew on the same date you originally signed up, unless this was between the 6th โ€“ 19th of the month, in which case your renewal date is automatically moved to the 5th of the following subscription period**


Level Up is shipped in this envelope instead of a box like the monthly crate.

I received tracking information on the 22nd of March and my package arrived on the 1st of April, which is within the 8 – 12 business days quoted on the site. I love how prompt Loot Crate is!

Each Level Up package comes with an information booklet that shows the entire Level Up collection, not just what you received – a bit of sneaky advertising to try and woo you into purchasing more for next month. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Exclusive Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Hair-Ties: these were really cute. I liked the feel of the fabric and the bright colors, very cheerful!

It’s not my style as I have short hair, but I gifted it to a friend whose new baby will look so adorable with geeky hair-ties! Always happy to help indoctrinate infants in the ways of fandom and pop culture right out of the womb ๐Ÿ˜€


Exclusive Batman V Superman Bestie Necklace Set: I love this, and I’m keeping them both for myself! The necklaces are sturdy and well-constructed, there’s no risk of snapping them easily, and the Batman & Superman pendants have a nice weight to them, they’re quite good quality!

I also want to note that the jewelry came in a black pouch, which was a lovely touch – it would’ve made a great present if you were inclined to be generous. I appreciate the effort Loot Crate puts into packaging this nicely. ^_^


Verdict: 4 out of 5 kitties approve!


With both items being exclusives, I can’t estimate the value of this package, although on ebay, the necklaces are being priced between $12 – $22, with a few listings including the hair-ties. That sounds about right, I wouldn’t think the hair-ties are more than a few dollars, and if I saw those necklaces in a store, I’d pay between $15 – $20 for them.

I do think you get good value for what you paid with this Level Up subscription, you’re not breaking the bank and they send you great quality merchandise! While the regular Loot Crate obviously has more items, this can either be a fun extra or if you’re trying to cut back, it’s a relatively low-cost way to get a geeky infusion of fun each month! I skipped April’s accessory as the spoilers revealed it to be a pair of Star Trek leggings, but hopefully it’s back to jewelry for May, I’d love to get another cool package like this ๐Ÿ˜€

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