ARC review – The Diabolic by S J Kincaid


Title: The Diabolic
Author: S J Kincaid
Genre: YA, Science Fiction
Expected Date of Publication: 1st November, 2016
Page Count: 416 pages
Synopsis: (from Goodreads)

Red Queen meets The Hunger Games in this epic novel about what happens when the galaxy’s most deadly weapon masquerades as a senator’s daughter and a hostage of the galactic court.

A Diabolic is ruthless. A Diabolic is powerful. A Diabolic has a single task: Kill in order to protect the person you’ve been created for.

Nemesis is a Diabolic, a humanoid teenager created to protect a galactic senator’s daughter, Sidonia. The two have grown up side by side, but are in no way sisters. Nemesis is expected to give her life for Sidonia, and she would do so gladly. She would also take as many lives as necessary to keep Sidonia safe.

When the power-mad Emperor learns Sidonia’s father is participating in a rebellion, he summons Sidonia to the Galactic court. She is to serve as a hostage. Now, there is only one way for Nemesis to protect Sidonia. She must become her. Nemesis travels to the court disguised as Sidonia—a killing machine masquerading in a world of corrupt politicians and two-faced senators’ children. It’s a nest of vipers with threats on every side, but Nemesis must keep her true abilities a secret or risk everything.

As the Empire begins to fracture and rebellion looms closer, Nemesis learns there is something more to her than just deadly force. She finds a humanity truer than what she encounters from most humans. Amidst all the danger, action, and intrigue, her humanity just might be the thing that saves her life—and the empire.

Short Overview

Wow. WOW. I don’t know that I have the words to describe how much I love this book, but gosh darn it, I’ll try. It’s just a bit hard when my primary emotions are, ‘HEART EYES, MOTHERFUCKER.’ This is all my hopes and dreams for YA sci-fi come true!


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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly – August 2016

Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly provides you with 4 – 7 fandom-inspired designs worth over $40, all matching the month’s chosen fandom. In addition to jewelry, you may also receive other items such as magnets, artwork, lanyards, hair accessories, etc.


Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly
Cost: $19.00 USD
Shipping Costs: $3.50 shipping within the US or worldwide for $13.50
Payment Method: Credit Card.
Mailed Out: Towards the end of the month.
Note: subscriptions auto-renew on the 1st of each month.

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The Dragon’s Hoard Box – July 2016: Wild Wild West!

The Dragon’s Hoard Box is a new Australian-based book subscription box that ships worldwide. Subscribers receive a Fantasy/Sci-fi (occasionally with a dash of YA) paperback book along with 3 – 5 goodies relating to the book and the monthly theme.


The Dragon’s Hoard Box
Cost: $30 AUD monthly.
Shipping Costs: $9.50 within Australia or $25 international shipping.
Mailed Out: around the 15th  of each month.
Payment Method: Credit Card

**Note: the first box from June can still be purchased at their shop**

It’s super exciting that Australia’s seeing new book subscription boxes starting up! This is only the second box from The Dragon’s Hoard Box and I was lucky enough to be sent a complimentary box in exchange for an honest review.

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Fairyloot – July 2016: Pirates & Power!

Fairyloot is a book subscription box that offers you a newly released fantasy Young Adult novel along with 4 – 5 bookish goodies matching a different theme each month.


Cost: £26 monthly.
Shipping Costs£4.30 for the UK or £10.85 for international. (more details here)
Mailed Out: between the 15th – 20th  of each month.
Payment Method: Credit & Debit Cards and Paypal.
**Note: Subscriptions do not auto-renew – you can pre-purchase subscriptions for either 3 or 6 months. Fairyloot sells out incredibly quickly, so if you love the subscription, it’s worth purchasing a longer subscription to ensure you get a box**

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The Book(ish) Box – one-off Harry Potter box!

The Book(ish) Box had a very popular Harry Potter box back in May, and due to the amount of interest, they offered a one-off box available through their sister company Appraising Pages for anyone who missed out the first time or wanted even more Harry Potter in their lives!

Since the first box looked fantastic and to sweeten the deal, they were offering the beautiful Snape ‘Always’ mug in this one as well, I just had to snap it up!


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The Fan Empire – May 2016

The Fan Empire is a geeky subscription box service that provides members with 4 – 6 fandom-themed goodies each month. Typical items include jewelry, badges and magnets, bookmarks, art prints, apparel, pillowcases and more.


The Fan Empire
Cost: $14.95 USD monthly (discounts available for longer subscriptions).
Shipping Costs: $3.50 within the US or $9.50 international.
Mailed Out: between the 25th – 30th of the month
Payment Method: Credit Card.
**Note: Subscriptions renew and billing occurs on the 1st of each month**

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ZBOX – June 2016 Review

ZBOX is a monthly subscription box for geeky collectors of pop culture merchandise – subscribers receive between 4 – 7 items which may include toys & figurines, books & comics, mugs, accessories and other collectibles. There is a total promised value of $50+ and a guaranteed t-shirt in every box.


Cost: $22.99 USD per month plus $1.99 shipping
Ships To: Worldwide
Mailed Out: between the 1st – 10th of each month
Payment Method: Credit card

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