Loot Crate ‘Versus’ Review – March 2016

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box that caters to geeks & nerds, comic book collecters, gamers & fans of pop culture, typically including between 5 – 7 items. These are often exclusive, and could be in the form of toys & figurines, gadgets, apparel, pins & badges and other collectibles. The total value is guaranteed to be $45+ for every box.


My first glimpse into March’s box.

Loot Crate
Cost: $19.95 USD inc shipping for US subscribers  // $29.95 USD inc shipping to Australia –> I paid $37.31 AUD.
Ships To: Worldwide (countries listed here).
Mailed Out: around the 18th-19th of each month.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
**Note: subscriptions renew on the same date you originally signed up, unless this was between the 6th – 19th of the month, in which case your renewal date is automatically moved to the 5th of the following subscription period**

Good To Know: Loot Crate takes subscriptions until 9pm PT on the 19th of each month, and often there are spoilers out earlier that day, so if you’re tempted to subscribe but are hesitant to commit, there’s a good chance you can find out what’s in the box and purchase it if you’re happy with the contents!


The plain exterior of the Loot Crate…


…can be inverted to reveal a design based on the monthly theme!

This was shipped on the 18th of March and I received it on the 31st, so just under two weeks to reach Australia, which is a decent effort!



Every month, subscribers receive a collectible Loot Pin representing the theme of the month – with ‘Versus’, we have Alien VS Predator! This isn’t just a nifty keepsake, the Loot Pin unlocks a digital download, which varies depending on whether you’re in the US or an international subscriber.

Americans received a complimentary Aliens or Predator download, and international subscribers unlocked a comic based on the same. It wasn’t terribly thrilling, I skimmed through it very quickly, but it’s a fun little diversion.

Onto the real loot!


Exclusive Harley Quinn comic ($2.99 based on other editions from DC Comics): I’m not a comic collector as this medium doesn’t interest me. I’m sure this will appeal to fans of comics, although the Harley Quinn exclusive was hyped up so much, a lot of folks were convinced she was going to be the figurine, so getting a comic instead could be a bit disappointing.



Exclusive Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice Mighty Wallet ($15.00 based on similar from Dynomighty): when I heard there was a BvS wallet, I immediately thought of someone I could regift it to, however, when I actually had it physically in front of me, turns out I’d be embarrassed to give this to someone.

It’s a glorified paper wallet – sure, the material is meant to be very sturdy and durable, but at the end of the day, it’s paper folded into a wallet, and not a very sizeable one at that. You’re not going to be able to store much in this! Besides which, there is a very strong off-putting chemical odor emanating from it. I’ve left the wallet out to air for the past 10 days and it hasn’t faded yet. :/


20160331_094348 - Copy

Exclusive Daredevil/Punisher reversible beanie ($21.99 based on other reversible beanies from SuperHeroStuff): now this is neat! It’s edging towards winter here in Australia, so this is timely for us in these here parts, and I love that this is reversible, plus the fabric feels lovely and soft and very good quality. An added bonus for me is that the logos identifying Daredevil and Punisher are discreet, so this beanie is safe to wear in public (as opposed to my Pikachu beanie which I wouldn’t dare wear out of the house, lol).


Exclusive Titan Alien Vs Predator 4.5 inch random vinyl figure (3 inch figures are valued at $10 so I’d put this between $15-20?): this was a blind box that contained either the Alien Xenomorph or the Predator. This is the reason I subscribed, after hearing AVP was featured in this crate, and I’m rapt I received the Predator! I do like the Alien movies as well, but I recently re-watched Predators and fell in love, so this is fantastic!


I noticed my Predator is the same size as my owls and it amused me to group them together, basically: See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil…EVIL. Mwahaha. 😀

He’s just so adorable and I love the blade he comes with – unfortunately, some people didn’t realize this was a separate piece in the box and threw the packaging away without finding it, but luckily for me, the blade actually pierced through the packaging so it was obvious to me he was armed and dangerous! ^_^ I’m glad my Predator didn’t succeed in his escape attempt!


Finally, we have the guaranteed shirt that comes in every box, which this month is a Quantum Mechanix Mirror, Mirror Spock tee ($14.95 – $19.95 based on their range of t-shirts): this was another major factor in subscribing this month, because I wanted this for a friend who’s a massive fan of Star Trek: The Original Series and Spock in particular.

This was a very creative interpretation of the ‘Versus’ theme – most people would’ve thought the tee would feature BvS as many other boxes did, but I’m happy with Star Trek being featured this prominently, that’s awesome!



Worth It? The value certainly is there – even taking the lower range of my estimates (which was necessary, given all the exclusives), this box still comes in at $69.93, so Loot Crate definitely delivers there. I’m pleased that even with international shipping and the currency conversion, I more than got my money’s worth and this won’t break the bank if I decided to keep my subscription.

Quality Curation?  Definitely. I think Loot Crate does a great job trying to please a wide variety of fans, changing their themes up to focus on a wide range of franchises, and I appreciate that they not only provide a figure to display, but also practical items like the beanie and wallet. They’ve got something for everyone!

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 cats approve!


This box didn’t wow me on every level, but I was pleased with the majority of the items, and they were the higher-priced ones as well, so this is overall a win for me.

I’m currently deliberating over whether or not to get April’s box – it features Harry Potter and Labyrinth, which is fantastic, but I’m not at all into Vikings or Uncharted 4. So I’m planning to wait til spoilers come out on the 19th and see whether I should reactivate my account for this.

Find Out More: Loot Crate is very dominant on social media! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYoutube and Snapchat.

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