TokyoTreat Small Plan Review – April 2016

TokyoTreat is a subscription box operating out of Tokyo that offers a ‘fun & tasty’ selection of Japanese candy and snacks. There are 3 different tiers you can choose from – the Small plan provides 5-7 items, the Regular provides 8-12, and the Premium provides 13-17 items weighing over two pounds in total!


Cost: Varies from $14.99 USD (Small) to $24.99 (Regular) to $34.99 (Premium)
Ships To: Worldwide for FREE! 😀
Payment Method: Paypal or credit card.
Estimated Arrival: between the 20th-28th of each month.


I received a notification when my box was shipped on the 24th of March and it arrived on the 13th of April, much earlier than anticipated. What a wonderful surprise!


The first peek inside – nothing much is revealed, just the information booklet detailing the snacks within. It shows snacks from all the tiers so that you can see what you missed out on if you didn’t get the Premium – sneaky way of tempting you to upgrade!

I purchased the Small box – such a shame to miss out on the other snacks, but I’m trying to be frugal. *sigh* Although I wasn’t overly invested in what I saw comprising the next two tiers, so it reassured me I wasn’t missing out ^_^



Karamucho Hot Chili-Flavored Chips: I did a bit of research into the ingredients and found that this was the one item my gluten-free vegan friend could share with me, and our experiences varied a bit! We both enjoyed the crunchy goodness of these spicy chips, but while I found it to be mild, he found it very hot- to the point he was mopping sweat from his brow at the peppery zing! But he kept eating, lol, which attests to the yum factor.


Meiji’s Pucca Chocolate: this amused me because I’m used to chocolate-covered treats, and it was a bit of a role reversal to have chocolate-filled crunchy biscuits for a change! These were delicious, I really enjoyed them and it was very good quality chocolate, mmm. (it reminded me a bit of Ferrero Rocher)


Meiji’s Plum Pati-Chan: the first dud of the box for me. The description in the booklet promised bitter AND sweet, but it was mostly bitter and MORE bitter to me. 😦 Shame because I enjoy popping candy and love plums, but my taste buds registered this particular treat as pretty gross.


Baby Star Yakisoba Sauce Flavor: back on track with this savory snack! It doesn’t look like anything special, but after the first taste of these dried crunchy noodles, I nearly inhaled the rest of the pack, it was so addictive. I thought it’d be like the Indian snack, bhuja, but it was SO much better. I could’ve eaten ten more packs!


Raw Ramune Candy: another dud, alas. I know these soda-flavored cubes are popular and I wanted to love them, but it was just too sickly sweet for me! The texture was like licorice, but tasted like a thousand sugary marshmallows compressed into one, and I couldn’t handle the overload.


Crunchy Panda Z: one thing I’ve noticed is that Japanese candy is so adorably packaged! Everything is wrapped in bright colors and cute characters, I love it.


These pandas were so cute, I almost hated to rip this chocolate snack open – but that didn’t stop me for longer than it took to snap a photo 😉 The recipe featured a more bitter dark chocolate, which I’m not always fond of, but this combination of chocolate and biscuit was scrumptious and I devoured this in no time.



The Small plan promises 5 – 7 full-sized treats in every box, and I received 6, which is within target. However, I will note that the dried noodle snack says ‘mini’ on it and wish that could’ve been a larger pack instead!

Worth It? I paid $18.98 AUD, which makes this one of my cheapest subscription boxes so far, lol. I’m not going to estimate a value for the box because it’s too difficult to source these, and besides, they’re not something I’d be able to pop down to the local grocery store and buy, so I think under $20 for a selection of Japanese snacks is a decent price for a ton of fun.

I didn’t like 2 of the 6 snacks, which is unfortunate, but at least they were the smallest of the bunch. And I loved the other 4, so overall, I’m quite happy! I appreciate that they vary the selection so you have both sweet and savory snacks to munch on; it was great having this box to pick from while discreetly snacking at my desk at work. ^_^

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 kitties approve this box!



Find Out More: You can check out TokyoTreat on Facebook and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “TokyoTreat Small Plan Review – April 2016

  1. Ooh! I didn’t expect for you to get any of the food boxes!
    Nice! And Japanese food stuffs yay!
    I haven’t tried any of those and for $20 DELIVERED, that is an amazing price- even if one doesn’t like any of the products and its just some fun to try. Man, I’m now a little tempted by this one! I Hadn’t looked into the prices for the Japanese candy boxes so thought like a lot of boxes it’d be a rip off…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t expect me to get any of the edible types either! I figured it was a waste of money when I could just buy myself snacks, but then I found a couple super affordable Japanese snack boxes and was so thrilled! FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. *dies*

      Just FYI, aside from TokyoTreat, I also got another one called Wow Box, which is in the same price-bracket and has two different product options:

      I haven’t reviewed it yet, but you can see the Small/Medium/Large boxes here:

      What is going on with our exchange rate, though, my subscription renewed and it went up by nearly a dollar, lol. Get it together, Australia… But checking the conversion rate as of right now, both TokyoTreat and Wow Box’s $14.99USD is still juuuust under $20. 😉


      • Yay! So we’ll get to read and see another food box review soon? 🙂

        Nice finds indeed. I’m tempted because Japan gets a lot of different flavours to their snacks like Kit Kat & Pocky and see some of them are putting in some limited edition flavours… some are disgusting but some end up being amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes, indeed, as soon as there’s another quiet afternoon at work! I think I posted like, 3 days in a row last time because it was dead in the office, lol. I appreciate your enthusiastic interest ❤

          I totally subscribed because I wanted to try out some wacky flavors, hehe. Unfortunately my Wow Box plan (fun & tasty) doesn't include pocky, but you can switch back and forth between themes so I might change it up next month because I wanna see what the craze is all about! It's cool/scary what weird flavors they come up with!


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