WOWBOX Original Fun & Tasty – April 2016

WOWBOX is a Japanese snack subscription box that allows you to ‘experience the wonderful and curious world of Japanese snacks, sweets, and treats’. There are 3 different themes to select from – the ‘Classic‘, the ‘Kawaii & Beauty‘ and the ‘Original Fun & Tasty‘.

From there, you can choose which size best suits you, and the number of items in the Small, Medium and Large plans vary depending on which theme you choose. I went with the Original Fun & Tasty theme, which provides 9 – 14 items in the Small plan, 12 – 16 in the Medium and 15-20 in the Large plan.


Wow Box
Cost: Varies from $14.99 USD (Small) to $24.99 (Medium) to $34.99 (Large)
Ships To: Worldwide for FREE! πŸ˜€
Payment Method: Paypal or credit card.
Estimated Arrival: 2-3 weeks into the month.


Good To Know: Subscribers can apparently switch between themes any time, which is pretty neat. But I think I’ll stick with the Original Fun & Tasty for a few months before exploring the other options πŸ˜‰

I received an email confirmation when my WOWBOX was dispatched on April 4th and it arrived on April 20th.


Just like with TokyoTreat, we receive a breakdown of the contents of all the various tiers of the Original Fun & Tasty theme, regardless of which size plan you purchased. I like this, because you get to compare what you got to the other tiers and see if you’re happy with the current size plan, or if you’d prefer to upgrade.


Where WOWBOX is superior to TokoyoTreat is in their addition of a Nutrition Facts sheet. This is SO HANDY, because I imagine quite a few subscribers would have some type of dietary intolerance or want to share their snacks with those who might have an intolerance or allergies.

I get my boxes delivered to work, and like to unbox with my fellow admin colleague at lunch-time. Brad is a gluten-free vegan, so the scope of what he can eat is very limited, and with TokyoTreat, I had to google extensively to see what was safe for him to consume. But with this fact-sheet, all the hard work was done for me! And not only was there a lengthy break-down of ingredients, but also a separate warning if the item contained milk, wheat, soybeans, gluten, egg or gelatin. Very thoughtful addition, which I really appreciated.


First peek inside the box – nice to see it’s safely secured with airbags to ensure items don’t move around too much.



Tropical Tomodachi Wagasi: cotton candy from a packet! That’s a new one for me. It wasn’t exciting in appearance, as it resembled a bandage from a First Aid kit, lol, but it was a sugary delight and melted on my tongue very nicely πŸ˜€


Morning Rask Ya San Taro: this was a strange one for me, but that’s why I subscribe to these Japanese snack boxes, so I can experience new and weird flavor combinations! My brain was tripping out trying to process this, lol. ‘It’s crunchy, so it should be salty or savory…but it’s milky-flavored?!‘ It was fun eating this because I just couldn’t get over how strange it was; I eat milk-chocolate or pour milk into my crunchy cereal, but a sweet milk-flavored crunchy snack blew my mind.


Tamanegisan Taro: I was dubious about this onion-flavored corn snack, but the onion taste wasn’t overpowering at all, it was DELICIOUS. I tentatively tested one piece, and then pretty much shoved the rest of the pack into my mouth, so more-ish!


Premium Umai Bo (Mentaiko): I had a feeling this fish-egg crunchy stick snack was going to be a problem as I don’t like seafood, but oh boy, I couldn’t even take one single teensy bite as the SMELL was just GHASTLY. >_< It stank of fishy grossness so much, there was no way I was putting this in my mouth.

Umai Bo (Mozzarella & Camembert): Thankfully this variation of the puffed corn stick was more to my liking; the cheesy treat didn’t challenge my tastebuds, but it appealed to me whole a lot more than its sibling above! It was just like a bunch of Cheetos melded together to form one convenient stick to munch on.


Kajiriccho (Cola & Soda): I like cola-flavored lollipops, but I haven’t had cola in a softer, chewy licorice-type texture before, so that was interesting. It was very sweet, but just the right amount to be savored.

Petit Gum (Grape): I LOVE anything grape-flavored, so this was right up my alley, I loved this gum. Lots of juicy grape goodness here! I could’ve just had one or two of the Tic-Tac type lollies, but I popped whole HANDFULS into my mouth to gorge on, mmm.


Black Thunder Gold (x 2): And last but not least, two very yummy chocolate snacks! This was rich and delicious and I devoured these both in one sitting. There were delicious chocolate and coconut chunks to give it a bit more crunch, so good ❀



The Small plan promises 9 – 14 items, and I received 9, although one was a duplicate. I would’ve preferred to receive 9 unique treats, rather than two of the same, but at least it was the chocolate that I loved, so I didn’t mind too much. πŸ˜‰

Worth It? Definitely! This cost me $18.42 AUD, which is my cheapest subscription box ever! I don’t estimate values for these types of snack boxes, since a) they’re not easy to source and b) the items aren’t readily available to me in local grocery stores, so getting a selection of Japanese treats for under $20 is a great deal, as an Australian subscriber.

WOWBOX is in the same price range as TokyoTreat, but comes with more snacks plus the Nutrition Facts sheet, which makes it easily the winner in my eyes. I enjoyed 8/9 snacks, so that was a high success rate πŸ˜€ This is one subscription I’ll be keeping around for a while!

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: You can view past boxes to see what theme catches your fancy, and also check out WOWBOX over on Facebook.



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