Camirelli Crate – March 2016

Camirelli Crate is a month-to-month subscription box that contains various full-size and samples of handmade artisan soaps, hand poured soy candles & soy melts and more.


Chock-full of goodies!

Cost: $40.00
Ships To: Australia for free (additional shipping costs for international).
Payment Method: Paypal.
Mailed Out: by the 7th of each month.
**Orders close by the 25th of each month**


Camirelli Crate is shipped in this unassuming brown box with their logo spray-painted on. I don’t mind a plain exterior, I’d prefer the money be invested on the items inside, and boy, did this provide value in spades! It was super heavy and that made me extra excited to dig in and discover what lay inside 😀




Genuine Ball Mason Jar Candle – Dandelion Pear 400ml ($39): this is MASSIVE and the reason why the box weighed a ton! This candle basically covers the cost of the box just in one product, which is amazing. (a similar candle costs $32 plus $8 shipping, so this is quite the bargain)


Bath Salts ($14): I’ve only recently become interested in using the bathtub that comes standard in every house – I never had the patience for drawing a bath before, I just wanted to shower as quickly as possible and move onto more productive pursuits, but now that I’m nearing my 30s (with all my aches and pains, lol), it’s something that appeals to me more. I haven’t used bath salts before, but I’m interested to try this!


2 x Handmade Artisan Soap ($6 each): Angel Wings smells nice, though in a generic way, imo, however Coconut Cream is DIVINE, I just want to eat it. They’re so pretty, too! Almost too pretty to use, I’d like to put them on display instead… is that weird? oh, well


Makassar Ebony & Peach Clamshell Melts ($6): yay, melts! I’m now obsessed with melts and I burn them at work every day, so this is very welcome!

Lip Balm Pot ($4): I’m not a fan of the way this is presented in a pot, making it more difficult to apply than it needs to be. I prefer the usual tube because I have really long nails (or talons as some people call them!) so this just isn’t practical for me to use.

Emulsified Body Scrub – Sweet Orange & Poppy Seed ($18): I don’t know much about this product or how to use it, so this will be interesting. According to littlewhitetruthsblog‘s review of this product, it can be quite harsh on the skin and recommended to be used wet/with added water, so I wonder if this could be put to use in my bathtub as well? HMM.


Vintage Inspired Notebook ($2): I’ve gotten a couple notebooks in other boxes and to me, they’re just filler, but with the value of all the other items, I don’t mind it here!



I’m super pleased with Camirelli Crate! I purchased this to discover new pretty and useful items, and it really delivered on that count. I’m happy with anything and everything candle-related and the bath products are a nice luxury I wouldn’t purchase for myself but am happy to find in a box to try out. There were only two items I won’t use, which were the lowest-priced in the box, so no great loss!

Worth It? Um, FOR SURE. There was $95 worth of items in this box for only $40, which is ridiculously amazing value! I wouldn’t get this every month, because my bathroom would have mountains of soaps and such piled up in no time, but it’s definitely worth buying now and again. Even if you don’t use everything yourself, this is also great for regifting!

Find Out More: Camirelli is on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer: I paid for this box out of my own wallet and this review is based on my own unbiased opinions, not in exchange for compensation!

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