Cattitude Club Subscription Box Review – March 2016

Cattitude Club is a monthly subscription box for your favorite feline! Each box comes with 4 – 6 products that may include toys and treats, or accessories and cat care products.


I still get a kick out of the hand-written message with cat pun…I’m too easily amused! (on a side-note, I’ve seen messages on other boxes in black and I find it interesting mine is in pink, since that’s my office’s corporate color. Just a fun coincidence)

Cattitude Club
Cost: $30.00 monthly or $85.00 for a 3-monthly subscription.
Ships To: Australia only for an additional $5.
Payment Method: Credit card only.
Mailed Out: on the 13th of each month or next business day.
*Note: there are recurring charges on the 27th of the month for subscribers*

I received an email confirming when my order had shipped as well as a tracking number – this was dispatched on Monday 14th March and I received it a week later on the 21st. (yes, I’m a bit behind with reviews, shh!)

Last month I noted there wasn’t an information card in the box – I’m not sure now whether that was an anomaly, because this time there was a sheet listing the contents and their retail value.


Enough dilly-dallying, on with the unboxing!


At first glance, this box seems more food-oriented than last month’s, which was dominated by toys.



Dine Creamy Soup ($1.04 at Woolworths and $1.14 at Coles): two varieties were included – Bonito, Salmon & Prawns as well as Bonito & Whitebait.


ZiwiPeak ‘Daily-Cat’ Cuisine – Lamb ($2.99)


Style It Nail Clippers ($17.10 on ebay): halt, what is this canine doing in my cat post! How DARE it intrude on hallowed feline ground! Ummm…well, I guess this can be used to trim your cat’s claws just fine, but I’m not too keen on the doggy packaging. Dogs get everything! 😦 It was so hard to find a cat subscription box and yet there are tons of dog boxes out there, so hmph.

Aaaaand I’ve saved the best for last…no, not the neon-yellow ball below, which wasn’t listed on the information sheet and seems to be a random freebie, thumbs up to that!


CATNIP EASTER BUNNY! 😀 Very appropriate for a box that arrived the week of Easter and just too cute, lookit his smiling face!

This is from Smiling Frog Pets on etsy, whose catnip products range from about $4-$8. I’d guess this bunny was about $5.35 based on similarly detailed toys.


This box was a bit more practical than last month’s, ie. mostly food and cat care products. From my perspective, not as exciting as opening up a box of toys, but definitely useful – a cat’s always gotta eat, after all! But the one toy included was super cool and I’m really happy it was a catnip toy, as Zoe goes crazy for those!

And she absolutely adored this little dude!


‘Don’t get any ideas, he’s all miiiiine.’


‘Nope, get your own bunny. You touch, I kill!’

And Zoe demonstrates another use for this toy – after a hard day’s play, it can double as a pillow!


Such a clever puss. I’m sure she’s having sweet dreams on her catnip cloud… 🙂

Ahem, back to the review!

Worth It? You just saw those ridiculously adorable photos of Zoe and her bunny, right? TOTALLY WORTH IT. ❤

More objectively – from a dollar point-of-view, I could find these items for a total just under $30 but the shipping from the Etsy store would’ve been an additional $18.38! So this box was definitely the better bargain in comparison, lol. And it’s nice to try out new brands that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy, like the New Zealand brand of moist cat food, and treat your kitty to something a bit more fancy than usual!

(…I also have a vague recollection of a pamphlet in the box saying a small percentage of the proceeds was going to a cat shelter, but I didn’t photograph it for posterity, unfortunately)

Find Out More: you can find Cattitude Club on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer: I paid for this box out of my own wallet and this review is based on my own unbiased opinions, not in exchange for compensation!


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