Voliere’s Birdcage Box – July 2016

Voliere Luxury Products has The Birdcage Box on offer, which is a month-by-month Australian subscription box that promises over $75 worth of contents. Subscribers receive a variety of items from the Voliere range such as melts, candles and tealights as well as from different Australian businesses, which may include items like lip balm and body butter, plus accessories and other gifts.


Voliere Luxury Products
Cost: $60.00
Ships To: Australia only with free postage.
Payment Method: Paypal or Credit Card.
Mailed Out: First week of the month.
Note: subscriptions do not auto-renew.

Despite their website stating that boxes would be mailed out in the first week of the month, this was not dispatched til late in the month. I do understand that sometimes things go awry and suppliers don’t provide items on time, however, I’ve had much more positive experiences with other subscription box owners providing frequent updates on social media so that everyone is aware of the situation and the anticipated ETA. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case here – I found it frustrating that I had to keep contacting the owner to find out what was happening since there was very little communication with subscribers.

146959673843575 (1).jpg

This finally arrived on Tuesday 26th July.


At least it was stuffed full of goodies after that long wait!



An info sheet is provided outlining all the contents and their values.


Bubblegum bead bracelet ($8.00).


This isn’t my usual style of jewelry, it’s a bit too chunky for me personally, but I like the weight of the beads and the dark glossy color. It’s also great that this is elastic so it will suit a variety of subscribers. ^_^


Marilyn & Me birdcage earrings ($6.00). These stud earrings are quite pretty! I like the birdcage motif.


Camirelli fudge brownie body butter ($4.00). I’m surprised to find a sample size item since the description on the Voliere website states that “Every box will have only the finest products in all of their full sized glory”, but this might just be an extra freebie thrown in since the rest of the items add up to more than the $75 value promised per box.


I’ve used moisturizer for years and haven’t yet been converted to the body butter lifestyle. This one does smell heavenly, though, which is its biggest flaw – I don’t want to spread this on my skin, I want to EAT IT. Doesn’t it deceptively resemble chocolate mousse? What a tease… πŸ˜‰


Tammaspice Designs birdcage-themed hair tie ($3.50). This isn’t anywhere near large and strong enough to contain my mass of unruly hair! However, the design is cute – I’ll pass this on to my friend’s little girl, she’ll rock this style. ^_^


Caramelized Apple Cider travel tin ($15). Another scrumptious smelling item. I’ve never been lucky enough to have caramelized apple cider, but I think I’d enjoy it judging by this delicious scent!


5 Soy Melts ($10). I received Vanilla Caramel, Apple Jack, Vanilla & Frankincense, Sinus Relief and White Tea & Ginger.

I love melts and I’m always pleased to have new ones to try, but only the Vanilla Caramel appeals to me as I’m partial to dessert-y type fragrances. That melt smells great, I’d love ten of those, but unfortunately the others weren’t really suited to my personal preferences as I found them either sickly sweet or too pungent for my liking.


3-pack of scented maxi lights ($12). These scents were Creme Brulee, Chai Latte and Sea Salt Caramels.


I’m burning the Creme Brulee today and it smells fantastic! Looking forward to trying out the other two, these scents are right up my alley! They’re not as strongly-scented as I’m used to, but I’ve mainly been burning melts as opposed to tealights, so that might be normal. At least it smells lovely in my immediate vicinity. πŸ˜€


Baltic Amber black candle ($25). This is a nice large candle that looks very classy!


I burned this earlier, but I’m not too sure what Baltic Amber is meant to smell like, because the scent was so faint that it was barely noticeable. :/ If I hover right up close so that my nose is in danger of being singed, I can detect traces of a sweet vanilla-like fragrance, but otherwise, this one was disappointing.


Sinus Relief Room Spray ($12). I like the idea of room spray to refresh your home with a spritz of a beautiful scent – unfortunately Sinus Relief isn’t what I had in mind!

This does fit in with the Winter theme since it smells like Vicks Vapor Rub which everyone uses to treat their sniffles, but I’m not a fan of the idea of spraying a medicinal scent around my home! If I get a cold, I’m sure this will work very well for cleaning my nose, but other than that, it’s not a scent I’d be in a hurry to use.


Moroccan Spice Mini-Aroma Jar ($5.00). I haven’t come across an aroma jar before, so this is interesting! It’s basically a sophisticated variation on the simple paper sachets with aromatic beads that I’ve used back in the day.


The scent wasn’t what I imagined – I thought Moroccan Spice would be a bit more spicy and have some punch to it, but this has more of a bland soapy scent. And like most people, I have a chest-of-drawers with several drawers, so I’m not sure it’s practical to spend $5 on a jar for each of them…it depends on the lifespan of these aroma jars, if they last a while and you find a scent you like, it may be worth the investment.


Based on the pricing given, this box is valued at just over $100!Β  Not everything suited me, but that’s the nature of a subscription box, it’s always a bit of a gamble. I found a couple items to be disappointing, but I’m sure other subscribers were pleased with the contents that may not have appealed to me, plus you do get a considerable return for the $60 price tag. πŸ™‚

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