Poptaria Limited Edition ‘Suicide Squad’ Box!

Poptaria is an Australian pop culture business that offers a monthly themed box designed to appeal to geeks and gamers as well as the occasional limited edition, special themed box. As you can see on their Past Boxes page, each box tends to contain between 5 – 7 items which may include pop vinyls, action figures, accessories, comics, books and more.

When I heard Poptaria was releasing a Suicide Squad-themed box due in time for the movie, I had to have it! πŸ˜€


This one cost $99.99 AUD! Thankfully it was my birthday recently and my lovely cousins bought this as my present, mwahaha ❀


This was shipped on the 29th of July and arrived Tuesday 2nd August.


First look inside – omg, so much pop goodness! ❀



Suicide Squad Mystery Minis ($13.99): blind boxes are a bit stressful for me, seeing all the characters I could get and hoping and wishing for certain characters…


WHO WILL IT BEEE…at least this one isn’t weighted towards any particular character, it drives me nuts when the odds differ for certain characters! A friend bought 3 of the Disney Princesses edition and wound up with 3 Elsa minis, for instance…


And I got Will Smith’s character, Deadshot! I’m cool with that, he’s one of the main reasons I’m eager to see this movie. ^_^


Suicide Squad Joker Pocket Pop! Vinyl Keychain ($9.99). I received a traditional Joker pocket pop in a previous box, so I think I might risk trying to remove the metal screw from his head…I have more keychains than I know what to do with, and I’ve heard others say you can safely remove the screw without causing any damage and then you get a mini-pop that can stand alone!


Close-up of the Joker in all his new age glory….you can see the grills that he’s sporting in this movie, lol.


Suicide Squad Logo Shot Glass 4-pack ($12.99): these are cute! I’m not sure if I should save them for the odd occasion I might be persuaded to do shots or if I should re-purpose them for, say, holding flowers or burning candles… πŸ˜‰

I wasn’t sure of the significance of the first logo, but a quick google search informs me that Panda Man is one of the Joker’s henchmen. But of course, why didn’t I realize that!


Suicide Squad Tumbler 2-pack ($14.99). I’ve received a couple mugs from Poptaria, and now I have shot glasses and tumbler glasses! My entire kitchen will be stocked by Poptaria soon. πŸ˜‰


The first design must be themed around the Joker’s henchmen – when I googled Panda Man from the shot glass, the pictures showed the panda with a ‘Friends Forever’ heart on his chest as well as a companion dressed as a giant eyeball, so I’m assuming the other icons represent henchmen as well.

The characters represented on the second glass are more easily recognizable! I love this one, the colors are bright and vivid and it’s just gorgeous. ❀


Suicide Squad Underwater Batman SDCC 2016 Exclusive Pop! Vinyl ($24.99): um, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. Batman, whee! ❀

I haven’t been following the Suicide Squad press trail too closely, so I wasn’t aware he was in this movie! I did see a figure in the trailer that looked like Batman, but I thought it was just the Joker dressed up as his nemesis (to be fair to me, that also happens). Batfleck is my favorite Batman and I’m thrilled to see more of him before his solo movie/the next Justice League movie.


Out of his box – you have to admire Batman’s tenacity to engraving his logo on EVERY POSSIBLE SURFACE. The batarang is understandable, it’s his calling card, but come on, did that breathing apparatus really need a bat logo? He’s so great at self-promotion, lol! πŸ˜€

FYI, this is a 2016 Summer Convention exclusive, which is why it’s valued a little higher than regular pops.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Pop! Vinyl ($18.99): YAAAAS, Harley! ❀ I adore her and hoped so hard she’d be in this box, woohoo! Bear with me, there’s a Harley Quinn picspam coming on…


Out of her box – she’s so adorable, look at this sassy minx! Such great details on this pop with all her tattoos and armed with her baseball bat. πŸ˜€


Side view – I didn’t realize she had that tattoo on her face! Have I not been paying enough attention in trailers? Shaking my head at myself, tsk tsk. Let’s just say they haven’t shown off the right-hand side of her face in close-up…


The other side, because I can…


And the backside view – er, I mean, view of the back of this pop in her signature teeny little shorts. I’m torn between disapproving as a feminist (GRR, MALE GAZE = BAD) and approving as someone that likes looking at pretty ladies… *cough* Moving on, I love her hair, it’s so cool!


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn & Joker Metal Die Cast 2 Pack ($49.95). The big ticket item of the box! I haven’t received any metal die-cast figures before, so this is new and exciting!

I kind of don’t want to take these out of the box for a change – with pops, I’m happy to unbox them, but these collectibles make me want to display them in the box instead…but then Instagram calls to me to unbox them so I can use these as props for photos… Decisions, decisions! *ponders*


Here’s a close-up of these figures out of the box for your reference. πŸ˜‰

It’s pretty neat getting this as an alternative to the regular pops and these are figuresΒ  I didn’t even know existed! But when I researched this item, I found out there’s a colorful alternative and that one seems cooler, to be honest – check this out! I think I’m gonna need the colorful die-cast Harley Quinn figure in my life…


Curation: I think this was solidly curated – pretty happy with the items chosen for this box! Yes, there’s a definite bias towards Harley Quinn and the Joker, but those are the popular characters everyone loves, so it seems logical to me to include more of the crowd-pleasers. I did think we might get a pop of another one of the Suicide Squad characters (Enchantress! *yearns*), but I’m definitely happy with the Summer Convention exclusive Batman pop as the trade-off instead. ^_^ And we have Suicide Squad incorporated through the mystery mini box plus the glasses, so that’s covered well-enough, imo.

Worth It? Definitely! I didn’t pay for this one myself, but I would’ve been happy to have purchased it had I not been able to get family to gift it to me instead. ^_^ This cost $99.99 including shipping (which must’ve been expensive since this box weighed a TON) and the value was $145.89! What a great return on your investment. πŸ™‚ All the figures are great for display and the glasses are both pretty and practical, which is always a win in my book.

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: check out Poptaria on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There is now a Harley Quinn Limited Edition box available for Australians!

5 thoughts on “Poptaria Limited Edition ‘Suicide Squad’ Box!

    • It’s not too late to get the Harley Quinn box πŸ˜› But yeah, I feel you, it’s a lot to risk on one box alone!

      Speaking of, I’ve been reading reviews of the Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box (which is by Funko/Marvel) and it was SHOCKINGLY bad. Cost $125 USD and the figures were 1 pop, 2 Dorbz and a butt-ugly Hikari figure! Everyone’s so outraged, eek. I feel even more lucky with my Poptaria box after reading all the indignant posts tearing MCC apart. D:


  1. Wow while that box is expensive and all, you definitely got your monies worth (or you family did on your behalf)! I didn’t realise they did die cast ones either. It’s pretty cool that they were able to grab the exclusive pop vinyl’s too! You def scored well there.

    I know the reviews are bad for this movie, but I really want to see it! I thinks the main reason I want to see it is for Harley Quinn. Although messed up. I kind of like her backstory.

    And yes, after my three Elsa’s, I’m very wary of mystery boxes. Why couldn’t they all have odds like this one!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel pretty lucky, both with my family’s generosity and this box! Pops are still my fave, but I like the look of the die-casts as well (preferable to the Dorbz and certainly better than the Hikari debacle in the Marvel Collector Corps box, lol).

      I’ve been reading sooo many terrible reviews, but I’m actually relieved that they’re just criticizing the plot/pacing (apparently this poor movie was hacked to bits and reassembled shoddily in DC’s attempt to match Marvel), whereas the acting’s been pretty much universally praised from what I can see! Everyone’s made a point of commenting on how great Margot Robbie and Will Smith are, so I’m pleased with that πŸ˜€

      I’m still so sad for you with those mystery minis! It made a lot more sense when I saw the odds, that was just unfair. 😦 I’ve bought the Harry Potter limited Poptaria box and I’m hoping the new mystery minis will be in that – at least Hermione’s odds are the best at 1/6!

      Liked by 1 person

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