Cattitude Club Subscription Box Review – February 2016

Cattitude Club is a monthly subscription box for your favorite feline! Each box comes with 4 – 6 products that may include toys and treats, or accessories and cat care products.

Cattitude Club
Cost: $30.00 monthly or $85.00 for a 3-monthly subscription.
Ships To: Australia only for an additional $5.
Payment Method: Credit card only.
Mailed Out: on the 13th of each month or next business day.

This month, it would’ve been mailed on Monday the 15th and I received it a week later on Monday the 22nd. I would’ve been concerned, but as Cattitude Club provides a tracking number in the shipping confirmation email, I could see it was on its way (albeit at a snail’s pace), so I appreciated that reassurance.


They hand-write a message to your kitty, which is a cute touch!

No information card is provided, so I’ve googled the products and their prices.


Kong Cat Duckie: $11.99. A refillable toy is a great idea – cats may lose interest when the catnip fades, but you can get more mileage out of toys by refilling catnip! Zoe (the cat featuring in my header image) absolutely loved this duckie, she rolled around with it for ages!


Kong Naturals Catnip Spray: $11.29. This one hasn’t been tested out yet as Zoe’s getting her catnip fix from the above duckie, but this is another cool product. The simplest toy (or even mundane items such as a sock!) could become the object of your cat’s affection by giving it a few sprays with this!


This item can only be purchased in bulk from Allpets. Looking at two similar items online (i. and ii.), I’d say this would be around $2-3? I have to say, the woeful cat on the packaging doesn’t give the greatest impression, they should perhaps replace that image…


Love ’em Purrfect Cat Treats: this varies between $4.50 at Harvey Norman and $6.19 at Petbarn.


Verdict: I might’ve hoped for the maximum of 6 products, but at least the 4 provided covered the cost of the box (minus shipping), which is what I’d expect. As this is my first purchase, I’m not sure if the box is always catnip-heavy; if that’s the case, it may not be as valuable to those who have cats without an attraction to catnip. However, Zoe is a catnip-fiend and absolutely adorable with her ecstatic enjoyment of any and all catnip products, so this worked out well!

If you subscribe or purchase a gift from Cattitude Club before the end of February, you can get $5 off your first box with the code VALENTINE!

Please note: I paid for this box from Cattitude Club and this review is based on my own unbiased opinion.


6 thoughts on “Cattitude Club Subscription Box Review – February 2016

    • It’s strange how only certain cats are affected by catnip – I wonder if the unaffected cats sideye those who blissfully roll around in ecstacy with their catnip toy! Or if they feel like they’re missing out, which would be sad. I love watching Zoe on catnip, she’s so adorable ❤


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    • Ooh, thanks for the tip! I had this feeling that was an international box, but when I took a look at Kitty & Co, I realized I was mixing it up with KitNipBox. Thanks for the tip, I’m so excited to find another Australian subscription box for cats! 😀


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