The Book Quay’s bookstaGlam box: ‘Superhuman’

The Book Quay offers a bookstaGlam box which includes a book as well as normally between 6-9 items, a few of which are specially chosen as props for bookstagram or blog posts. You have the option of purchasing a ‘no-book’ box or if you choose to include the book, they often have up to 3 book options available  across different genres (and usually customizable with either hardcover or paperback). This is a review of their ‘Superhuman’-themed box.

20171105_162732 - x.jpg

The Book Quay – bookstaGlam box
Cost: $1,500 PHP (roughly $39 AUD or $29 USD)
Shipping Costs: $750PHP worldwide (about $20 AUD or $15 USD)
Payment Method: Credit Card & Paypal
Mailed Out: normally in the second month they’re named for (eg. the Jan/Feb box will probably ship in February)

My package was delivered mid-November, and comes in a flat white box with the instagram logo on the front.




An item card is provided outlining the contents of the box, their inspiration and source, as well as highlighting the themes these items could be used for as bookstagram props.


Good Day Coffee Sampler ($0.50?): a little generic, I wouldn’t count this as a proper item but as an extra.


Custom Instagram Bookmark ($1.00?): I provided my instagram username when placing my order so this bookmark could be personalized for me. Not particularly high quality as it’s just printed on plain paper and isn’t laminated on both sides.


Throne of Glass Magnetic Bookmarks by designsbytheia (varies between $2.06 – $4.13 USD for similar items).

20171105_160500These are pretty cute and I definitely prefer magnetic bookmarks over the regular variety! It’s just unfortunate I’ve never read Throne of Glass, so I can’t properly appreciate them.


Throne of Glass print ($4?): the artwork is rather pretty, I like the silhouette of the main character against the castle. I don’t know much about her, other than that she’s apparently an assassin, but she’s easily identifiable after having seen the book covers everywhere on instagram.


Throne of Glass Sticker ($6?): this artwork is gorgeous, but I don’t have much use for stickers. I’m not sure what people generally do with theirs, I don’t really have anywhere to put these!


Tower of Dawn Pin ($1?): this is the fourth Throne of Glass item and it’s a let-down to have so many tied to one series, as I don’t have any familiarity or attachment to it, so the pin is pretty, but I’m not too excited.


Lorien Legacies Lorelite Beaded Coaster ($3-4?): I know nothing about these books and I wouldn’t have thought this coaster was fandom-related at all, there’s no obvious correlation to any source material. If anyone can let me know how this ties in to the series, I’d appreciate it!


Tea Light & Cup ($2?): my candle arrived melted into the cup, unfortunately.


I’ve received a lot of candles in boxes before, and this is the first time it’s melted in transit! Normally candles are my favorite part of a box, but again this isn’t fandom-related and doesn’t appear to be a particularly high-value item, so I haven’t bothered to ask for a replacement.



Wonder Woman Shield Locket (similar item currently on ebay at $1.26).


Justice League Socks ($2 USD?).


Wonder Woman Tote Bag (quoted on The Book Quay’s site as $15-19): the tote can be rolled up into a purse.


It’s a little tricky converting it back into the ‘purse’ once you’ve opened it up as I nearly ended up breaking the zip trying to fold the tote bag up again.


That artwork is truly beautiful, I really like this depiction of Wonder Woman. But I don’t like the look of the tote with the edges of the zip showing all along the front, it seems a bit silly.


Wonder Woman: Warbringer ($14.63 AUD)

The highly anticipated coming-of-age story for the world’s greatest super hero: WONDER WOMAN by the # 1 New York Times bestselling author LEIGH BARDUGO. She will become a legend but first she is Diana, Princess of the Amazons. And her fight is just beginning . . . Diana is desperate to prove herself to her warrior sisters. But when the opportunity comes, she throws away her chance at glory and breaks Amazon law to save a mere mortal, Alia Keralis. With this single heroic act, Diana may have just doomed the world. Alia is a Warbringer – a descendant of the infamous Helen of Troy, fated to bring about an age of bloodshed and misery. Diana and Alia will face an army of enemies, mortal and divine, determined to destroy or possess the Warbringer.To save the world, they must stand side by side against the tide of war.Don’t miss the new DC Wonder Woman film coming June 2017.


This book was the main reason I bought this box, I’m excited about this origin story.

20171105_163444 - x.jpg


Quality of Curation: the idea of the box is fantastic, but in practice, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Since some of the items were intended as bookstagram props, I probably should’ve expected that there would be a few generic items with no link to fandom, but I hadn’t thought that far ahead, so it was disappointing to get things like the coaster, cup and candle that I could get myself from a $2 shop if I felt like it.

For the fandom side of things, the items were pretty solid – tote bag, socks, jewelry, etc. but aside from the tote, these seemed to err on the cheap side. I also question having 4 items from one fandom, which limits the audience that may be able to appreciate them.

What I find interesting is the breakdown of items & value for their Jan/Feb box:

– Handmade book case or tote from our shop ($15-19) – Matching bookish jewelry ($15-20) – Themed socks for #socksunday ($4-7) – Book and treat or drink! ($5-7) – Handmade bookmarks ($3-5) – Custom bookish card or frame-able print ($3-5) – Large and small props for photos ($5-10) – and ONE personalized item with your name or bookstagram account! ($5-10)

Perhaps this upcoming box is going to feature more high-end items, but if they’re going to be on the same level as this one, I’d disagree with the value of some of those items, ie. jewelry, socks, drink, bookmark.

Worth It? This cost me $58.58 AUD and if I take the estimated values of the items, the contents were worth $58-$62 AUD. But would I have spent that money on most of these items? Not likely, the book is the only thing I liked in the whole box, to be honest. I know that’s a bit harsh, but I can only give my subjective opinion on this, and it wasn’t for me.

Personal Rating: 2 out of 5 kitties approve this box.


Find Out More: You can find The Book Quay on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer: I purchased this box, and this review is based on my personal opinion. No compensation was received

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