Spark and Sparrow – ‘I Did Something Bad…’ Special Edition Bookish Candle Box Review

Spark and Sparrow is an Australian small business that started out specializing in candles and has branched out into a range of other products including bookmarks & prints, lip balms & perfumes and a range of bath products.


Spark and Sparrow
Cost: $55 AUD
Shipping: $11 AUD
Payment Method: Paypal and Credit Cards.
Availability: the box is sold out with only a limited stock of extras up for purchase

Full disclosure, I’m currently repping for Spark + Sparrow (use my rep code BORG10 if you purchase anything!), but I personally paid for this box as the theme was too good to miss! ❤


A villains-themed box, 100% relevant to my interests!


Spoiler card listing all the items included. The majority were created by Spark + Sparrow, but a couple were sourced from other suppliers who are credited.



Off With Their Heads ($7.95 – limited stock available here): inspired by the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.


This candle is a gorgeous deep red, which is my favorite color! And the glitter on top is just *chef’s kiss* perfection ❤


Why So Serious? ($7.95 – limited stock available here): inspired by The Joker from DC Comics.


This candle replicates The Joker’s classic purple and green color scheme beautifully.


He Who Must Not Be Named ($7.95 – limited stock available here): inspired by the Dark Lord from Harry Potter!


I wasn’t sure what color to expect, but this dark grey actually perfectly matches the color of his robes on my Funko pop, haha. I like the subtle glitter that’s not as obvious or contrasting in color like the others, this matches Voldemort’s style.


‘Enter The Fold’ Natural Bath Salts ($12.95? I’m not sure of the value here as it’s not on their website, but basing this on a similar product): inspired by The Darkling from The Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo.


Maleficent A5 Print designed by Keeper of The Suns ($10 – limited stock available here): I adore Maleficent who is one of my favorite villains, and this is such a beautiful depiction of her!


Umbridge-inspired Magnetic Bookmark by Read and Wonder ($3.50 based on similar items): okay, I loathe Umbridge as I’m confident 100% of the book community does, but this is TOO CUTE. I love that her cat obsession is depicted here because that is the only tolerable thing about Umbridge, haha.


Hades-inspired Mug designed by Kit Cronk Studio ($15): HOW AMAZING IS THIS???

Hades is my fave Disney villain (yes, he and Maleficent can both be my faves as she’s a villainess, trololol), he just slays with his wise-cracking wit and I honestly feel like he was so hard-done by and he had every right to rebel! I just wish he’d succeeded, I knew it would never happen, but I was rooting for him all the way!

So obviously I love this mug featuring one of his quotes in his signature blue flame, it’s a stunning design! ❤


Poison Ivy-inspired Lip Balm ($4.95 based on similar items): this was a bonus item generously included in my box!


The Darkling-inspired Bookmark ($3.50 – limited stock available here): another bonus item from my box with The Darkling’s iconic quote!


Quality of Curation: I’m blown away by the choice of fandoms/villains for this box! I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was thrilled to find that a bunch of my faves were featured! Harry Potter is a classic fandom and Disney is another popular one, so those were sure to find a lot of fans, but Hades is rarely ever featured, so it was awesome to see him get his time to shine in this box. 😀 I’m not familiar with The Darkling personally, but I know the Grishaverse is HUGE in the book community, so that’s another good pick plus The Joker is well-ingrained in our pop culture.

So all the villains are well-chosen, and as for the items they featured on, we have the main staple of the box which is of course the candles (STUNNING), a large item in the mug, a pamper product with the bath salts plus the art print and bookmark. I think that’s a good mix of items which should appeal to a variety of people.

Worth It? I took advantage of my own rep code for a discount, hehe, so this cost me $49.50 plus shipping and the value of the box was over $65, so definitely value for money! A lot of these items are exclusives, so unless you’re able to snap up some of the remaining stock, you’re out of luck, and I’m so happy to have these beautiful candles in my collection plus all the other goodies! (that Hades mug tho ❤ )

Find Out More: You can find Spark + Sparrow on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer: I purchased this box, and this review is based on my personal opinion. No compensation was received.


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