Book Lover Mystery Box

Last month I reviewed December Book Lover Mystery Box – I was quite happy with that purchase and enjoyed what I received in it. Color me surprised and thrilled when BLMB reached out to offer me a complimentary January box for review!


Of course I said yes, what self-respecting sub box addict would turn that opportunity down! My box is currently on its way and I can’t wait to see what’s in it, but in the meantime, I want to highlight February’s box that is currently on sale with a theme that is close to my heart:


“This is the perfect girls night in, this box is all about Valentine’s and a fabulous new release signed book to snuggle up and fall in love with.”

I am a hopeless romantic – several of the books I’ve reviewed recently are romances, and more than a couple are LGBT romances, so this box is all about my favorite things!

If you’re interested, check out Book Lover Mystery Box (also on Facebook and Instagram). Plus you can use my discount code 4YUXRY for $10 off your bookish goodness! 😉



4 thoughts on “Book Lover Mystery Box

  1. hi, I think you’re great and I really want to find out the winners of the Harry Potter giveaway! I’m so excited even if it isn’t me, because it was worth a shot. by the way, your Instagram account is amazing. where do you get those little figures from? I really want to know so I can get some myself hehe

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    • That’s very sweet of you, thanks!

      It depends where in the world you are – I’m in Australia and I have a local store called Popcultcha that I get my pops from, but a lot of outlets stock them around the world. Or you could look on ebay!


    • I know, I felt pretty cool! I’m writing up my post, it’s just been crushing me being back at work – less time for instagram and blogging, grr! (my mother’s loving it, she’s a teacher so she’s still on holiday and rubbing it in my face, lol)

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