Pusheen Box – Fall 2016 Review

Pusheen Box is an officially licensed quarterly subscription box that delivers a ton of Pusheen goodness at $100+ retail value. The box may include items such as stationery, clothing, accessories and typically contains an exclusive vinyl figure. Most of the other items also tend to be either exclusives or rare first editions before becoming commercially available.


Pusheen Box
Cost: $43.95 USD every quarter.
Shipping Costs: $6 to the US, $20 to Canada and $25 – $30 internationally.
Mailed Out: Mid-December 2016 / Mid-April 2017 / Mid-July 2017 / Mid-Oct 2017
Payment Method: Credit Card and Paypal.
**Note:Β  subscriptions renew automatically**


My box was shipped on October 19th and arrived November 7th. A bit longer than I wait for most boxes, but well worth it!

I will note that there’s normally a contents card, but it doesn’t seem like the Fall box included one – at least, I didn’t receive it and I haven’t seen one mentioned or posted on social media. Not a big deal, just a bit odd, but hey, I got everything I was meant to and nothing broke, so all good in my book! \o/



Pusheen Pumpkin-Scented Air Freshener: this has a very sweet scent, which I don’t think is how a pumpkin smells? But I don’t have much to do with the vegetable, so I could be wrong. Regardless, this will look adorable hanging in the car – Pusheen cheerfully popping out of that pumpkin cracks me up! πŸ˜€


Pusheen Sticky Notes (similar item is $8 USD): I have a love/hate relationship with cute sticky notes – on one hand, yay for a practical item! On the other, THIS IS TOO CUTE TO USE. D: I can’t write all over Pusheen’s chubby little body! This will end up as decoration at my office desk because I can’t bring myself to deface Pusheen, lol.

Pusheen Pen: I love this! A Pusheen pen alone would be cool enough, but this one comes with a mini-Pusheen charm attached to it! AWESOME


Pusheen Fall Notebook (similar notebook $9.80 USD): I’ve received a fair few notebooks in my subscription boxes, but this is hands down THE MOST ADORABLE. (yes, I’m going to be overusing that word in this review, shh)

I will probably regift this as I don’t write in notebooks much; if I need to make a note, I’ll save a memo on my phone. Buuuut…I don’t know if I can bring myself to let go of this, even if I’ll never use it. *ponders* Maybe another item to sit on my desk as decoration…


Pusheen Coasters: of all the items in this box, these coasters are what made me literally squeal out loud with glee because OMG, HOW SO CUUUUUTE.


Dancing Pusheen on the left is my favorite, look at her bopping away!

I really like the silicone material these coasters are made out of so that they sit nicely on the table without sliding around. There’s also a raised ‘lip’ around the edges to keep your mug in place or to prevent any droplets from spilling onto the table. So fantastic AND well-made. πŸ˜€


Pusheen Ears & Tail Costume Set: (hair pins are $6.80 USD) I can’t see myself ever wearing this, but it’s a nice idea to include something for people who didn’t have Halloween costumes sorted, this would make a quick lazy outfit for the spooky season! The plush material is so wonderfully soft and it’s soothing to pet it, however creepy that may look…I need to get myself a Pusheen plushie ASAP if they’re made of the same material.

I had lunch with myΒ friend Katherine and her baby today, so I’ve regifted this to her with the stern admonition that as soon as the child grows enough hair for these cat ears to be securely clipped on, Katherine has to dress her up as Pusheen. >:D The only real point to children is dressing them up in adorable outfits, imo!


Pusheen Sweater (similar item $36 USD): YAAAAAS. I’ve wanted Pusheen clothing for so long, but it’s super expensive to order from the merch website, so I’m loving this sweater!

The design is fairly basic, Pusheen isn’t dressed up in any wacky outfits (for the Fall box, you think Pusheen might be in a Halloween costume or in a pile of leaves or something), but I’m happy with it anyway. I went with the largest unisex size so I can lounge around in this at home in comfort. ❀


Pusheen Teacup & Saucer (mug is $11.99 USD): I was excited and worried when I heard about this spoiler as I feared for the safety of my teacup set as it traveled around the globe. Thankfully the secure packaging in a separate box with bubble wrap inside kept it safe and sound!


What an absolutely adorable set! I love how Pusheen is presiding over apples on top of the pie saucer! Apple pie is my favorite, so this is just perfect for me


Bat Pusheen Vinyl Figure (mini-plush is $11.99 USD): Pusheen has dressed up as a brightly colored bat for Halloween!


At first this figure made me a little uncomfortable because I was like ‘But – where are Pusheen’s arms?!’ I’m rationalizing it away that she’s got her arms tucked inside the bat-wings so she can flap them all spooky-like and now I’m good with it! πŸ™‚

My figure doesn’t stand up properly and Pusheen has to be leaned against a solid surface to ensure she doesn’t tip over, but that’s only a minor niggle. This is just so damn cute and will look great next to my Mermaid Pusheen from the Summer box. πŸ˜€


Curation: I do think everything in this box is super cute because DUH, it’s Pusheen!

Worth It? This cost me $95.03 AUD, which is the most that I’ve ever splashed out on a box! Thank goodness Pusheen Box only ships quarterly, otherwise I’d be broke. D: They promise $100+ value in every box, so have they lived up to their word? Well, the value of the comparable items I’ve found on the Pusheen merchandise site add up to $84.58 USD, which doesn’t include the air-freshener, pen, tail in the costume set or the coasters. I’d definitely say those items are worth more than the $15 left before the total value exceeds $100!

If you look on ebay, the resale value is ridiculously high for everything in this box –Β  hell, I’ve seen the BOX itself (empty!) for sale at $20, which I think is outrageous, lol. As everything is exclusive or rare, the prices are very inflated online, for eg. the figures alone can go for $60 – $80. But that’s not necessarily what the items are worth for each person – I’d personally value them at $3 for the air-freshener, $5 for the pen, $10 for the sticky notes, $15 for the notebook, $20 for the coasters, $10 for the costume set, $40 for the sweater, $15 for the teacup set and $20 for the vinyl figure for a total of $138. So while this box is super pricey with international shipping, I think it’s worth the cost!

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: You can find Pusheen Box on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

(I purchased this box, and this review is based on my personal opinion. No compensation was received)


9 thoughts on “Pusheen Box – Fall 2016 Review

    • Eeeexcellent, I love tempting people into buying boxes so I’m not spending big all by myself. πŸ˜‰ I can’t bring myself to cancel this one even though it’s pricey as an Australian, I’m going to keep it for life because of the adorbz!

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  1. I’m not that into Pusheen stuff, so I only got around to reading this review now.
    But wow, some of those items are pretty adorable! I like the notebook, sweater and tea cup set is amazing!

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