The Story Pack – sample Avengers box!

The Story Pack is a new subscription box service that offers 3+ book and/or fandom related items, which includes at least one piece of jewelry, and the other items will vary between magnets, bookmarks, socks, stationery and more.


The Story Pack
Cost: $15.00 for the sample packs (normally $17 for the subscription box)
Shipping Costs: $3.00 within Australia only
Payment Method: Paypal

I received an email notification when my box was shipped on Tuesday 13th September and it arrived the following week on Monday the 19th.


The items are shipped in a slender box to minimize shipping costs – that’s fine by me, anything for cheaper shipping! 😉



Well, the personalized letter is a bit sweet! Nice touch, thanking purchasers and including a 10% off voucher. 🙂


A contents card is included, listing the items in this box.


The reverse of the contents card has the theme for this box: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE.


Captain America shield keyring: (value varies from $5.99 USD to $12.08 AUD – also on Aliexpress for $2.57 USD if you want to risk it)

I have more keychains that I know what to do with, lol, but this looks rather nifty. It’s super hard to photograph with the shiny reflective surface, so apologies for the poor camerawork here, but it’s a stylish looking piece that isn’t as heavy as it appears. I thought it would weigh a ton because it looks expensive, but it’s actually light-weight pewter, so that’s good!


Hero & Villain charm bracelet:(varies between $2.50 USD on Aliexpress to $18.00 USD)

I like the many MANY charms on this bracelet! Usually it’s just the Avengers that are represented (and even then, only the ‘main’ ones), but here we have a varied bunch! I spy Loki, SHIELD, I think that’s Hawkeye, Avengers, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Deadpool, Hulk and Hydra! 😀


Mjölnir necklace: ($10 USD)

Ummmm, YES, thank you! This is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. 😀 I love Thor’s Hammer! I used to have a ring, but unfortunately over time it tarnished, so I’m thrilled to have a bigger and improved version in necklace form!

Also neat is that I thought the text was just pretty fantasy-ish gibberish, but then I turned it upside down and realized it was normal English, haha!


The hammer is engraved with Odin’s quote from the first movie, ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor‘. I like that it’s only legible upside down from the wearer’s perspective!


Iron Man socks: these are pretty freaking adorable! I love the bright red, it’s my favorite color, and while I didn’t appreciate socks enough when I was younger, I now LOVE them and I’m happy to have a new pair of geeky socks to add to my collection. My toes need ALL the warmth and comfort ❤


Lastly, we have a bookmark from The Story Pack! It doesn’t fit the Avengers theme, so I’m assuming this is just a nice little extra. 🙂


Quality of Curation: Knocked it out of the ballpark, imo. 😀 I’ve received a few Avengers-themed boxes and this is the first one I’ve seen that not only acknowledges the less commonly represented heroes (Black Widow and Hawkeye), but also villains, so that’s really cool! I like the variety of items included, so we not only receive jewelry, but also other practical items like keychains and socks. Warm fuzzy socksss ❤

Worth It? It’s hard to put a price on these items as it varies wildly between different sites for those I could source, so the value depends on the individual and whether you’re happy to have paid $4.50 for each item. I’m definitely happy, I think there was great value for money and I love everything in this box!

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: The first regular subscription box is sold out, so follow for more updates on when the new box is released! You can find The Story Pack on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I purchased this box, and this review is based on my personal opinion. No compensation was received.


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