Once Upon A Fairytale – August 2016

Once Upon a Fairytale sends you ‘treasure boxes’ of themed jewelry and accessories inspired by fairy tales, fables and myths. There are two tiers available for this subscription box: the first category is a Princess box which has 3 – 4 pieces of jewelry plus artwork/bookmark. Or you can upgrade to the Queen box which includes an additional 1 – 3 items. Furthermore, you can pick whether you want your chosen box to be suitable for children or for subscribers 13 years and up. This is a review of the adult Princess box for August, and the theme was ‘Enchanted’!


Once Upon A Fairytale
Cost: $19.99 USD for the Princess or $29.99 for Queen
Shipping Costs: $2.00 to the Philippines / $10.00 to the rest of the world.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
Mailed Out: first week of the month
**Note: this subscription auto-renews and you are billed on the 30th of each month**

I will note that shipping takes really long – I’m used to waiting a while for packages being in Australia, but I think this was the longest wait I’ve ever had! I received notification that my treasure box had shipped on August 1st and it arrived September 1st.


The presentation is lovely! Great first impression. πŸ™‚


First peek inside…all the items are individually wrapped to avoid entanglement.


An info card is included which outlines the contents of both the Princess AND Queen box – a savvy move to try and tempt you to upgrade your subscription if you’ve bought the Princess box and are regretting not getting something in the Queen box! I’m hankering after that dome necklace with enchanted rose. *sighs wistfully*



Flora Bookmark by Book Quay: this is a lovely bookmark, I love the deep red roses. But unfortunately a bit of sticky tape that was securing one of the bags of jewelry came loose and got stuck onto this. :/ I tried peeling it off carefully, but it did take a bit of the bookmarkΒ  on its way out, alas!


‘Tiny’ Rose Ring: well, it lived up to its description, this is indeed tiny…I stretched it out as much as I safely could, and it still only fits on my little finger!


It is rather cute, I just wish it wasn’t so tarnished in appearance. That might be part of its ‘vintage’ appeal, but I’ve found that it’s been flaking off on my skin the couple days I’ve worn it.


Gold Round Earrings: these are nice simple earrings based up Belle’s own – I hadn’t realized that Belle actually wore earrings in that iconic ballroom scene! I can remember the enormous puffy ballgown, but the earrings escaped my memory. While I’m not geeking out over these, it’s a nice subtle choice to wear to work.


Leaf Headband: this looks lovely! I won’t be able to wear it as my hair is a monster and would eat this for breakfast, I hate to think of how snarled it would become! But it is a cool design and something a little unusual for a jewelry box, I haven’t seen this kind of item before. I really like all the detailing on the leaves, it’s quite pretty.


Beauty & the Beast Charm Bracelet by Tuesdays&Fridays: okay, this is GORGEOUS. I’m quite fond of this lightweight delightfully tinkly bracelet – I just wish it was adjustable because it is a bit large! The design is so sweet, though ❀


Here’s a closer look – I love the little ‘book’ locket!


Belle Necklace (pendant by Kleyland): THIS is the reason I bought this box – I’ve seen their previous necklaces with a super cute rendition of the featured princess in this style and it’s just too damn cute, so I HAD to have the Belle version. πŸ˜€ So happy with this piece! ❀


Quality of Curation: I like the variety of items, I think all the bases are covered regarding jewelry with a bracelet, necklace, ring and earrings, then we have the headband and bookmark as neat additional items. I also think it’s great that a few pieces are subtle homages to the movie and then there are a couple that are more blatant and visibly feature the characters, so there’s something to suit a range of subscribers, whether they want to be discreet or out and proud with their fandom love. πŸ˜‰

Worth It? I’ve had a quick look online and can’t source these items, especially as I believe a couple are specifically made for this box. So I think the value here depends on how much you like each item and whether it suits your preferences.

I spent $39.42 AUD on this (with a small rep discount from alice.in.wonderbooklandALICEINWBL for 10% off) and this was a fun experiment for me, I enjoyed discovering what was in this ‘Enchanted’ box, but I probably wouldn’t re-subscribe since it didn’t suit me as well as other geeky jewelry boxes.

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: You can find OUAFT on Facebook and Instagram. Subscriptions are now open for the October ‘Glass‘ treasure boxes: “Cinderella is our chosen fairytale, and the box will include pieces inspired by fairy godmothers, magic, wishes and kindness.”



4 thoughts on “Once Upon A Fairytale – August 2016

  1. Ooh, that’s a very cutely designed box!
    Very broad for tastes as well, like you said.

    I like the headband & ring.

    Would you believe I sat for 2 min trying to work out how the bracelet did up? And if you could potentially make it tighter? Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought the box was very classy!

      Lol, you’re a good friend! I also spent a while trying to see how the loose swinging part of the bracelet was supposed to work, I thought it was meant to cinch it up tighter, but it doesn’t seem to function that way! It’s just a slip-on bracelet, there’s no clasp. But thanks for trying ❀


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