Geek {Chic} Monthly – August 2016

Geek {Chic} Monthly provides you with 4 – 5 fandom-inspired merchandise, all matching the month’s chosen fandom/theme. In addition to jewelry, you may also receive other goodies such as decals, stickers, coin purses, tea tins and cord organizers.


Geek {Chic} Monthly
Cost: $15.00 USD per month.
Shipping Costs: $3.00 to the US / $10.00 to Canada / $15.00 to the rest of the world.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
Mailed Out: by the 15th of each month.
**Note: this subscription auto-renews and you are billed on the 15th of each month**

My box was sent on the 12th of August and arrived a week later on the 19th. 🙂 It’s funny to me how sometimes boxes travel halfway around the world and yet still have a similar ETA to boxes sent within Australia… *eyes AusPost*


This month’s theme was Pirates! I am woefully undereducated in pirate pop culture, lol, let’s see how I go…


An info card is included each month outlining the contents of the box. Very handy as I was clueless as to the source material for a few items!


There was a bonus little compass charm attached to the info card as well!


Bangarang! Vinyl Decal – apparently this is the war-cry of the Lost Boys from the Robin Williams movie ‘Hook‘! I’d assumed Bangarang was a movie til I hit up Google, lolwhoops. I don’t have much use for decals, but I’m amassing quite the collection from different boxes!


Hook & Swan bracelet ($18.87 AUD or roughly $14.49 USD)- this item is inspired by Hook from Once Upon A Time. I’m not fond of his character, but the hook charm can represent any of the Captain Hooks out there, so I’ll pretend it’s the Jason Isaacs version of Hook (aka THE BEST, rawrr). And the swan charm is so cute! I love Emma Swan, so this is a win for me. 😀


‘As You Wish’ Bookmark ($1.68 AUD or $1.28 USD)- I’ve never seen ‘The Princess Bride’ (I know, how appalling!), but I’m aware of the meaning behind this quote via social osmosis. You pick up a lot you don’t realize you know from everyday pop culture lingo! This is very different to my traditional paper bookmarks, it’s quite nifty and I like the sword!


Crocodile Earrings (ranges from $2.68 AUD or $2.04 USD on Aliexpress to $10.78 AUD or $8.22 USD on Etsy) – these are adorable, I have a strange fondness for crocodiles! Unfortunately, I don’t think the stud earrings are very practical. D: The tail section is very long and makes it awkward to pin it behind your ear – this would’ve been easier to wear if they were dangly earrings instead. :/


Mermaid Tears Necklace (similar item valued at $14.79 AUD or $11.28 USD) – and now for my favorite item in the box, inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean! I LOVE this necklace, it’s absolutely stunning! ❤

I didn’t realize the cork top actually could open until my colleague pulled it out while I was showing him my goodies over lunch, lol. I’m so tempted to spill these ‘tears’ out and watch them scatter everywhere…the color of the beads is so beautifully mesmerizing. 😀 And I like the little goblet charm accompanying it!



This was a solid box, but I did feel it was missing another hero item – the previous months have all included a tin or pouch of some sort (for eg. the jewelry in my May box came inside an Iron Man pouch), so I was expecting to see something similar here. Of course it’s not guaranteed in every box, but since it had been regularly included, I was a little disappointed not to see it because I thought that was a traditional item for this subscription box. However that’s just my personal view, not the fault of Geek Chic Monthly, so I guess that’s why they say not to assume anything. 😛

Quality of Curation: This was a highlights reel of the most popular pirates in pop culture – I can’t think of anyone that’s been left out, I think all the likely suspects were covered! In terms of the pieces provided, while I’m not a fan of decals myself, I know a lot of people do enjoy displaying these, plus the bookmark was a cool departure from the usual accessories provided.

Worth It? For the cost of the box, I’d say you get your money’s worth – $15 plus shipping is very reasonable for these items. I like the selection of jewelry provided in this subscription; they’re always good quality and it’s a lovely surprise seeing what’s been picked for the theme.

(I’ve sourced the value for a couple pieces off Aliexpress which makes them a lot cheaper than similar items on Etsy, but Aliexpress trades in bulk a lot of the time, which can be impractical for single-purchase consumers, plus the reviews of this site aren’t very encouraging. I included those listings just to be thorough, but I probably wouldn’t risk it)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: You can view sneak peaks, spoilers and more from Geek Chic Monthly on Facebook and Instagram. September’s box has sold out, but subscriptions re-open on September 5th for October’s Tim Burton box.

I purchased this box, and this review is based on my personal opinion. No compensation was received.


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