Poptaria Jr Girls Pop Culture Mystery Box – June 2016

Poptaria is a pop culture box for geeks and gamers that also offers a monthly junior themed box with similar items as the adult version but catering to a younger audience instead. As you can see on their Past Boxes page, each box tends to contain between 4 – 7 items which may include pop vinyls, keychains, cute accessories, books, candy and more.


Cost: $39.99 for one month, $116.97 for three months, $233.94 for six months or $455.88 for twelve months.
Ships To: Australia only.
Mailed Out: before the end of each month
Payment Method: Paypal, credit card or via EFT

Good To Know: There are two options for the Junior box – either Girls or Boys. I purchased the Jr Girls box and the theme for June was Wonderland.


I received notification that this had shipped on Friday the 27th of May and it arrived on Tuesday the 31st. I love that this box often arrives unexpectedly early! (but that highlights how late this review is…shh! It’s called the JUNE box, all right!)


First peek inside! So cute! 😀



Nintendo Mushroom Cherry Sours (found online for $4.95): every Jr box comes with a snack. I enjoy the random munchies and this adorably matches the theme, too! I’ve still got this mushroom on my desk at work because it’s too cute to throw away, oh no, this is staying on display. ^_^


Jumbo Playing Cards (found online for $5.95 – similarly priced on ebay): ordinarily I wouldn’t have much use for cards, but I’m getting into ‘bookstagram’ and am in need of interesting vibrant props for my photos, so this will come in handy. 😉 Now I just need to summon the creativity to figure out how to style them with my books…


Chessur Mopeez plush ($14.99): I looove this character and was disappointed to miss out on the pop in an earlier box, so I’m thrilled to receive the cuddly plush version ❤ The plushie is even cuter!


Alice Through The Looking Glass – Alice Kingsleigh Pop Vinyl ($18.99). This is very timely as the movie just came out recently!


Here’s a look at Alice out of her box. The detailing on her clothing is fantastic and I love her new outfit 😀 I haven’t seen this sequel yet, but her attire is much more practical than what she wore in the first movie, lol.


Down The Rabbit Hole And Other Silly Stories picture book (this was previously on bookdepository for $11.75 and I also found it heavily discounted from $17.99 down to $2.95 on Booktopia).

I’m not interested in this picture book personally, but that’s fine – I expected there to be a couple items that wouldn’t be age-appropriate for me since this box is aimed at a younger audience. My friend recently had a baby girl, so I’ll pass it on to her – what age do kids normally start enjoying picture books? I imagine 3 months is too early, but you never know, she might be a baby genius… 😉


The Jabberywocky poem by Lewis Carroll was printed on this piece of paper as a filler item matching the theme.


I need a translator for this, lol, I don’t get poetry at the best of times and then when you throw in nonsense words like ‘brillig’ and talk of things that ‘gyre and gimble’, well, I’m beyond lost. 😛



Quality of Curation: This is a fun box to open – I know I can expect at least one or two Funko items and then a couple cute accessories/knicknacks! Poptaria always throws in unexpected little items that I didn’t even know existed, so it’s a lovely surprise to dig in and discover what’s inside. It gets tiring receiving the same type of item all the time from different boxes (I’m praying to never get another lip balm or tote bag, etc.) so I like how original the items in these boxes are, and it always matches the theme perfectly.

Worth It? I’m guessing at the value of the accessory items in this box because they’re difficult to track down online, but I’d guesstimate the total value is between $47.83$56.63 (varies depending on how you value the picture book).

Either way, you exceed the cost of purchasing the box, which is fantastic! The past few boxes I’ve bought have had both a Pop and a Mopeez plush, which is a value of nearly $34, so basically everything else included is a bonus. 😀 Poptaria consistently provides you with good value for your money, which is why it’s one of my favorite boxes and I’m trying to sweet-talk various family members into purchasing me the different themes for my birthday next month, hehe.

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: check out Poptaria on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I paid for this box out of my own wallet and this review is based on my own unbiased opinions, not in exchange for compensation!


2 thoughts on “Poptaria Jr Girls Pop Culture Mystery Box – June 2016

    • IKR? I gave it 4 out of 5 just because it was a bit young for me, but if I were a kid, this would’ve completely thrilled me. July’s Jr Girls theme is Princesses and I’m angsting over whether or not to get that, because I also want Renegades…


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