Retreat Yourself – Winter 2016

Retreat Yourself is a quarterly Australian health & wellness box that provides 10-15 sample and full sized products that vary from edible health foods & supplements to bath, body & beauty products. These are sourced mainly from natural, organic local brands.


Retreat Yourself

Cost: $49.95 AUD every 3 months (single purchase is $59.95)
Shipping Costs: additional $9.95 throughout Australia.
Payment Method: Paypal or Credit Card.
Mailed Out: the first day of each season (ie. Autumn – March 1st, Winter – June 1st, Spring – September 1st, Summer – December 1st)
**Note: this subscription auto-renews and you are billed the month before the next box is due to ship, ie. the Spring box is shipped September 1st, so payment for the Spring Box is August 1st**

Everything in the box – quite pleased with this one!


First Impressions

I didn’t receive an email notification to confirm shipping, but that wasn’t really necessary as I received this box the very next day on Thursday 2nd June. I’d completely forgotten about this box after I purchased it early May, so that was a lovely surprise!


Each seasonal box comes with a ‘wellness guide’ of 20+ pages that contains recipes and helpful tips for keeping healthy, including workout routines and skincare and more.


This box is heavy and jam-packed with lots of items, that’s what I like in a box!



Mindful Coloring-In Mandala with pencils: adult coloring books are the new craze, so this is very on trend! I’m not patient enough for this activity (I never could color between the lines as a child), but I passed it on to my mother who found it very soothing and relaxing! I’ll have to buy her a coloring book and full set of pencils, methinks 🙂


Retreat Yourself Karma Cup ($19.95): My photo doesn’t really capture the lovely teal color of this cup, it’s bright and gorgeous!

I don’t personally use travel cups as I take public transport and I’m not keen on clutching this at the bus stop or rushing down the aisle to find a seat when I need both hands to grab something for balance when the bus driver insists on speeding off quickly before I’ve sat down! However, this is a well-made non-toxic, BPA free, dishwasher & microwave-safe cup that I can easily regift.


Bambi And Sammi – No. 1 Hair Masque ($16.95): I have no idea what a hair masque is! I’ve heard of face masks, but this is a new concept to me. I gather it’s meant to revitalize your hair with the antioxidants and vitamins!


Kokoluxe – Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate  ($15): back on more familiar territory here with hot chocolate. I’m so happy to see a beverage that ISN’T TEA in a subscription box! I’ve received so many teas and I don’t drink it at all, so that’s been a bit frustrating, lol. Hot chocolate is perfect for winter, so this is awesome. 😀


Bake Mixes – Cacao & Acai Muffin Mix ($12.95): subscribers could have received either this or the Banana & Cinnamon Mix. I wish I’d received the other variant because I wasn’t a big fan of this mix, the flavor wasn’t a hit for me. :/

Pro-tip: add blueberries while baking for some tasty goodness, that saved these muffins for me!


Forage Cereal – Porridge ($8.99): I prefer my cereals quick and easy, just needing to add milk and away you go, so this is a bit more effort than I care to invest, lol. Still, porridge is a great winter staple, and I’ll have no trouble regifting this. It’s cool that this is gluten-free as well, this box is doing an amazing job catering to the widest variety of people possible and making sure the edible items can be enjoyed by everyone. 🙂


Prana Chai – Chai Tea ($20/250g = $6/75g): I don’t begrudge this tea since there was hot chocolate included above! I know a lot of tea-drinkers who have been benefiting massively from my subscription boxes including tea all the damn time, lol, so I shall hand this off to one of the lucky tea connoisseurs.


Pure By Phytocare – Papaya Vapour Balm ($12.95): a thoughtful item to include for winter when everyone’s coming down with colds! Rub this on your chest for the beneficial eucalyptus and lemon myrtle to go to work soothing your winter woes.


Wotnot – Hydrating Facial Wipes ($1.99): a handy small item to throw in your bag – the natural ingredients sound amazing (avocado and apricot, mmm, I want to EAT it) and it’s fantastic that this is rehydrating and free from drying chemicals. I have very sensitive skin, so that’s important to me, nothing worse than wiping your face with something that feels like sandpaper and leaves you feeling dry and raw.

I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I love their slogan (WOTNOT: 100% wot’s good, 0% wot’s not) and will have to keep an eye out for them!


Dollar Hippy Club – ‘Knot a Care’ Hair Oil ($26.00): another hair-care item I won’t be using – I struggle with hair that’s naturally inclined to get oily if I’m not careful, so I don’t fancy ADDING oil to it! This would be good for those who suffer from dry hair, though – the cutely named ‘Knot a Care’ oil is meant to sooth and nourish dry hair and stimulate healthy growth to keep it looking silky and swishy.


The Australian Superfood Co. – Superfood Bar ($3.50): this is packed full of healthy ingredients – it’s just funny to me that the packaging has a whole list with wattleseed, cacao and coconut, but fails to mention the most prominent tasting ingredient of all, dates! I liked it, this tasted good, but I bit into it expecting a different flavor and all I could taste was dates, which wasn’t on the packaging!



Curation: A+++ curation. ❤ Retreat Yourself really outdid themselves this season with all these great products that were strongly linked to the winter theme. Even the mandala coloring activity makes sense – something to do while you’re inside on a cold rainy day. 😉 This was a very thoughtfully put together box, it’s great when you can tell the people behind it invested time and effort on determining which items to include inside. I loved the mix of drink & edible items along with the health & wellness products, and there were so many full-size items! XD

My favorite part was all the vegan & gluten-free items! People with strict dietary requirements miss out on a lot of the fun, especially when it comes to subscription boxes that by their nature are designed for the masses and not one individual. But it’s fantastic that Retreat Yourself went that extra mile to make sure that everyone could enjoy these items. ❤

Worth It? The total cost including shipping was $59.90 and the value is a massive $124.28! That’s double the amount you’d pay for this box, which is fabulous!

Usually I’d cynically assume the prices were inflated for that value, but everything looks legit; the only products I’m not familiar with are the hair-care oil and masque, and those sound near enough what I’d expect for beauty products which are typically expensive, especially if you’re after brands that are natural, vegan, cruelty free and palm-oil free.

There were a few things I wasn’t interested in for myself, but that’s part of the risk you take with subscription boxes. As long as they cover the cost of purchase, I’m satisfied. But I did end up giving away quite a few items, lol. How thoughtful of me 😉

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 kitties approve this box!




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