3 Months of Kawaii Box!

Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box that contains 10 – 12 Japanese and Korean kawaii items, which may include Japanese candy, plushies & charms, stickers & stationery, accessories and more!

I am reviewing the three boxes I received for February, March & April. The reason I delayed posting til now is because I wasn’t particularly enamored of the first box I received, so I decided to wait and see if my feelings changed by the end of my 3-month subscription and then do a mega-up post for my Kawaii boxes all in one hit.

Spoiler Alert: this box lives up to its name, as I received some super cute items, but I’m just not the target audience and didn’t have much use for it. I ended up regifting basically everything to a colleague’s pre-teen daughter, Amalea, who was absolutely thrilled with it, so at least she appreciated the subscription!

Kawaii Box
Cost: $19.80 USD per month (slightly cheaper for 6-month or 12-month subscriptions)
Shipping Costs: FREE WORLDWIDE! πŸ˜€
Payment Method: Credit Card.
Mailed Out: the last week of each month/first week of next month
**Note: only the 1 month plan auto-renews; the other plans finish once the time period indicated has ended**

There wasn’t a lot of predictability when it came to the shipping schedule, but you do at least receive an email notification when your package has shipped. Each of my boxes arrived in the month following the one for which they were named.

February‘s box shipped on the 25th of February and arrived on the 18th of March.

March‘s box shipped on the 1st of April and arrived on the 7th of April.

April‘s box shipped on the 26th of April and arrived on the 4th of May.


My boxes tended to get a bit banged up on their journey halfway around the world…but everything arrived intact each time, fortunately!


The items are enclosed in pink tissue paper and each box comes with a cute ‘Thank You’ card that has the contents listed on the reverse side.



First peek inside.


i) Moomin Plushie: I’m not familiar with this character, but he is adorable!

ii) Taiyaki Crepe Charm: this is so random, but cute. I don’t know what all the separate elements have to do with each other, but it’s still ‘kawaii’!


iii) DIY Bead Bracelet Set & iv) Korean DIY Stitching Keychain: I’m not skilled at arts & crafts, so this isn’t my cup of tea. I like things to be No Assembly Required, lol. But I know kids are super into these crafty pursuits these days, with their looms and knitting and so forth – obviously they have much more patience than I do!


v) Korean DIY Magic Balloon Set: I mentioned that Amalea loved all these items – unfortunately her mother wasn’t too pleased when Am and her brother spent all afternoon making balloon animals and producing some horrendous squeaky noises while they worked their magic!

vi) Bourbon Petit Green Tea Flavored Cookies: these cookies were a life-saver! I had skipped lunch the day I received this box and felt faint on the bus home – thank goodness I had this packet of cookies in my bag, I tore them open and wolfed down the whole lot in one sitting. I’m not sure what the other passengers made of my ravenous gorging, but I was very grateful I had these on hand! They tasted amazing, I didn’t expect to like anything tasting of green tea (not a fan), but it was quite delicious!

vii) Neko Sticker Sheet: Different people got different sticker sheets and I’m a bit sad I didn’t get the kitty themed stickers, but ah well. I do like the food/kitchen theme here, mmmm.


viii) Kawaii Mini Pouch: this is quite a pretty print on a silky bag. I’ve been using it to hold my collection of USBs. It’s one of the rare items from these Kawaii boxes that I’ve kept and used! Everything else, unless otherwise specified, was regifted to Amalea.

ix) Cute Bunny Paperclips: they certainly live up to their name, they are cute in their colorful little snazzy outfits!

x) Funny Forest Greeting Card: I like that it’s 3D, but I’m not sure what occasion one could use what looks like a deer indulging in some ‘special mushrooms’ for.. πŸ˜›

xi) Lucky Baby Sheep Pen: another super cute item! Apologies for my flagrant overuse of the word ‘cute’ and fair warning that I will continue to use it frequently throughout this post…

Everything in the February box





First peek inside.


i) Emoji Plush Charm: cute cheeky smiley! This would be great for a schoolkid’s backpack!


ii) Panda Sleep Mask: I’ve never had much use for sleep masks, but I know some people swear by them, especially for long trips. This is a fun mask for those who like this sort of thing!


iii) Happy Mini Towel: it’s touted as being multifunctional, but it’s so teensy, I’m not sure it can do much good. I do like the print – as with everything Kawaii Box sends, it looks adorable.


iv) Cute Travel Lock: oh, wow, my high-school self would’ve DIED at getting this. Makes me almost wish I had a locker again, that’s pretty freaking cool. πŸ˜€


v) Stick Chewing Gum Eraser: I hope nobody else was as dumb as me – I mistakenly thought this was an eraser-themed chewing gum and actually tried to chomp down on it. Error #404, gum not detected! Abort, abort! For the record, this is a chewing-gum-themed eraser.

vi) Polka Dot Hairband: I like pink, but this is a bit young for me.

vii) Polygon Bracelet: I’m not a fan of this radioactive yellow, honestly. At least it’s not a cheap plastic bracelet, the stones have some heft to them. Not that this is my style, again it’s skewed towards the younger market.


viii) Kokeshi Notebook: I’ve been getting a few notebooks in boxes lately and I’m not a fan – I don’t hand-write much at all these days, everything’s typed on computer, phone or some other electronic device!

ix) Friendly Bear Color Pen: I’m a little confused by this because that certainly looks like a cat to me, not a bear? Something must’ve gotten lost in translation! But I’m happy with a kitty pen ❀


x) Kawaii Pets Sticker Sheet: another month, another sticker set, and more puppies for me! These are cute and I like that they’re raised to give a 3D element. This is another item that would’ve been great in my high-school days, when I used to decorate my school diary and books.


xi) Apollo Chocolate DIY Kit: I enlisted Brad’s assistance during our lunch break, and lmao, we were a HOT MESS! I can’t believe children pull off these DIY kits when two reasonably intelligent adults had such trouble!

The molds were so teensy that it was hard to pipe in the icing and crunchy balls in any real pattern, or at least for our adult hands, that was a bit difficult…


The final result. I don’t know whether to be proud or mortified, lol. It tasted yummy, regardless of how it looked! πŸ˜‰

Everything in the March box


2016-05-23 10.33.40

(apologies for the crappy photo above – my camera struggles with the info cards for some reason)



First peek inside.


i) Oekaki Sherbet DIY Candy Kit: another candy kit. This one was even more of a disaster than the March kit, alas Brad and I totally failed and didn’t even make it to the final stage. I’m not sure where we went wrong, but it’s a bit hard when there aren’t any English instructions…I think possibly we were meant to boil the water instead of using cold tap water? That might’ve been the kiss of death…


ii) Kawaii Face Mini Purse: the one useful item from February was a silky pouch, and now we have an upgraded version of that item with this mini-purse. I like it! It’s well-constructed and sturdy, a very handy way to stash small items without losing track of them in your handbag!


iii) Jewelry Seal Deco Stickers: I feel there is a generation gap at work here – I have no idea what these are used for…are they just to bedazzle phones and such? I’m at a loss! *confuzzled*

iv) Glow In The Dark Stickers: these are such adorable stickers, I love the different emotions on them! I was nearly tempted to keep this to use on cards, but I think they might be too bulky since they’re ‘puff’ stickers – ultimately I left this in the box for Am.


v) Egg Highlighters Set: such a cute concept! I love how Kawaii Box can make anything have personality, such random items get a make-over to be humorous and adorable.


Unfortunately I found them difficult to use for their intended purpose – it was unwieldy trying to actually highlight anything with them. Probably better for children or people with small hands, so while I liked the look of these, again I left it for Am.


vi) Emoticon Squish Charm: the texture on this was weird, definitely squishy! The expression looks a bit weird, lol, I don’t know that I’d want to display this one…the smiley face before was certainly more appealing!


vii) Anpanman Ramune Candy: the edible items in this box are a hit with me. I loved the cookies from February and I enjoyed these yummy powdered candies, such a great burst of flavor when you crunch them open.


viii) Bonjour Envelope Set: I half-thought about keeping this, but again didn’t know what I’d ever use it for. If I buy a card, it comes with an envelope, and anyway, these are too small to hold birthday cards. I suppose you could fold up a love note really small and tuck them into this?

ix) Korean Deco Tape Set: scrabookers would be in their element, these patterned tapes are – you guessed it- so cute! But I don’t use tape much outside of work, and it wouldn’t look very professional to use these, alas. Amalea’s certainly profiting from all the items I don’t have a use for!


x) Ghost Family Pen: a uniquely-themed pen seems to be a staple for Kawaii box, we’ve gotten one for three boxes straight. It’s a cute item that’s also functional, so I appreciate that.

xi) Pastel Hair Loops & Pins: definitely aimed at little girls! They’re sweet, but not suited to grown-ups, lol.

xii) 3D Panda Card Sticker: I like the 3D effect showing the panda nomming on his leafy treat.

Everything in the April box


2016-05-23 10.34.21



February Box


March Box


April Box


Quality of Curation: There are of course a few items repeated each month – the stickers, the pen, the DIY kit – but a lot of people enjoy such items (I know the DIY kits are highly coveted, even if they’re my personal kryptonite) and when there have been a minimum of 11 items each month, there’s no harm in keeping a few things consistent when there’s such a variety of other items included.

There are some very unique and whimsical things in here, everything is visually pleasing and they definitely think outside the box, so to speak! I’d just note that while the box doesn’t have a recommended age range, most of the items seem to be picked more to suit a younger market.

Worth It? I paid $80 AUD for the 3-month subscription, and I’m not sure what possessed me! Nothing against the box personally, it’s great at what it’s aiming for, it’s just that this is what I’d call a niche box – its contents aren’t going to suit everyone. If you have a young child or you’re young at heart, if you enjoy scrapbooking or decorating everything around you, if you adore cute and quirky and sometimes impractical items, then this is the box for you!

It’s just that for me, personally, once the initial ‘ZOMG, SO CUTE’ phase has passed, I was left with a bunch of junk I was never going to use, hence regifting all three boxes to Amalea, who is an artsy and imaginative 12 year old and thus the perfect recipient for something like this. While it wasn’t really my thing, I did enjoy the unboxing each month. Kawaii Box pack TONS of items in there and it’s fun opening it up to see what random assortment of knick-knacks they’ve put together this time. You really get a lot of bang for your buck!

Personal Rating: 2 out of 5 kitties approve this box.


Find Out More: Kawaii Box is on Facebook and Instagram.


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