Once Upon A BookCase – April 2016

Once Upon A BookCase is a book-themed phone case of the month subscription accompanied by 2-4 similarly themed accessories.View their vast list of phone types here to see if yours is available, then you can further choose from the Girly Girl, Manly Man or Anything & Everything plans according to your preferences!


Once Upon A BookCase
Cost: $26.00 (USD) for a monthly subscription + postage
Ships To: US for $5.50 and varying costs for international postage (+$14 to Australia)
Mailed Out: first week of each month
Payment Method: Credit card only
**note: there are recurring charges on the 12th of each month**

Good To Know: The Anything & Everything box is identical to either the Girly Girl OR Manly Man boxes – obviously the GG is more stereotypically feminine while the MM is the opposite. Although to clarify, you still might get jewelry with the MM box  (for eg. the November Manly Man box had a key on a chain and December Manly Man box had a lightning bolt necklace and Snitch bracelet)

I received an email confirmation when my package was posted along with a tracking number – mine was posted on the 5th April and made it to Australia a week later on the 12th, which is great!


Theme: I chose the Girly Girl option, and the theme this month was Beauty & the Beast!


The information card has a pretty poster print on the opposite side, which works wonderfully to liven up my work space. 😀

We also have a handmade ‘enchanted rose‘ and handmade version of Belle’s hair-bow

3 - Copy

The final accessory is a statement necklace – and how! I think it might be a bit TOO much of a statement for me, I don’t wear chunky necklaces like this! But it is quite gorgeous, so maybe I can try to incorporate it into my wardrobe…

And the centerpiece of this box, the beautiful new phone case featuring a Beauty & the Beast design! It’s stunning, I love the colors, and the texture of the case is great! (I’m big on texture, if something feels coarse/cheap, I can’t handle it) My phone is still in the Gone With The Wind case from last month, so I’ll keep this as a spare for now.


Worth It? This is my second and last box from Once Upon A Bookcase. I love getting this box, but it’s too expensive to justify keeping! Factoring in the conversion and international shipping, this cost me a total of $55.35 AUD, and unfortunately I can’t maintain that on a monthly basis. 😦

I’d definitely recommend to those lucky ducks in the US who only have to shell out $31.50, or the UK who have a favorable exchange rate (this would cost under 30 pounds, even with shipping).

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: To view gorgeous unboxings from previous months or keep track of hints for next month, check out Once Upon A Bookcase on Instagram.


10 thoughts on “Once Upon A BookCase – April 2016

  1. Nice! Its a very pretty collection that one, but expensive.
    And I agree big necklaces scare me a little, but I think I’d try and wear them on special occasions if they were as pretty as that one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so beautiful but I’m really intimidated by it, lol! Maybe if I wore a jacket that covered it a little, but still allowed it to peek through, that would be a suitable compromise…

      I’m looking for a jewelry display stand (I saw a fanmade TARDIS that they used to display necklaces, so cool!) and would be happy just to use it as decoration! Shiny 😀


  2. Although I don’t think I could justify signing up regularly to this due to cost factors and simply the fact that I don’t need that many phone cases, I actually love this box. Particularly this theme and wish I’d known because I would have totally brought one. I love that poster! And the necklace is beautiful, even if I probably could never wear it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The only way I was able to justify my spending was because the cost of the box was basically the same as buying a one-off phone case from her Etsy account, so I told myself ‘it’s actually a BARGAIN, you’re getting additional goodies as well as the phone case!’ My lack of impulse control is terrible…but the contents are so pretty! It was super hard to cancel this one 😦

      I’m looking about for a nice snazzy jewelry stand or two since I’ve acquired and am expecting more jewelry – I may not wear everything, but it’ll be great to put on display!

      Liked by 1 person

    • You’re obviously more sensible with your spending than I am! I know this was a ridiculous amount of money to spend, but I love book-themed boxes and a phone case is something that’s pretty AND practical, since you get daily use out of it…(I can justify anything, lol)


  3. Thank you for the review!
    Ive been having iffy thoughts about this– I live in the US, but maybe once i get enough iPhone covers i will unsubscribe later.

    I really like the extra detail they add in the box.

    Love the kitty ratings! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked my review! The kitty ratings are a recent addition and they make the write-up more fun to post!

      I know it can be hit-and-miss depending on whether you like the jewelry, but it’s so beautifully put together and I enjoyed opening up the boxes! It’s quite a good sub for Americans. *sighs enviously*


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