Pop In A Box – March 2016

Pop In A Box is a UK-based monthly subscription box that sends you a mystery Pop Vinyl figure to add to your collection at whichever pace best suits you. You can choose to receive 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 or a whopping 12 Pops a month!


Pop In A Box
Cost: starts at £8.49 + P&P for 1 Pop and goes up to  £94.99 + P&P for 12 Pops
Ships To: Worldwide.
Mailed Out: between the 3rd – 14th of each month.
Payment Method: Credit Card.
*Note: your subscription is renewed and you’re billed on the first of each month**

Good To Know: You can log-in to your account and select Pops you already own as well as either thumbs up Pops you particularly want or thumbs down Pops you don’t ever want to receive.  If the system can’t find any Pops that match your requirements, your subscription will be paused and you won’t be billed that month.

This subscription is exactly what it sounds like – you receive Pops that are shipped in a box. Just a plain cardboard box with no branding! I had no clue what this could contain when I first received it and wondered if there had been a mistake because I certainly don’t order beauty products…


What could it be???


Still none the wiser after opening up the box… There’s tons of packaging, though! I’ve heard complaints from a few subscribers whose pops were damaged in shipping, and my box did have a massive dent in one corner, but there was so much cushioning inside that all my items were in perfect condition. You’re probably safer with the larger shipments as opposed to single-Pop boxes…



#05 Severus Snape (£8.95 // $12.50 USD): so rapt that this was the first Pop I received! I adore Snape (so much that I have a life-size cutout!) and it’s so cool to have his Pop, yay! 😀


#102 Agent Carter (£11.95 // $12.50 USD): this was great timing as a friend’s birthday happened to be around the time this box arrived, and we had marathoned Agent Carter together last year, so it was the perfect gift to send her!


Deadpool Mopeez (£8.95 //  $10.50 USD for Mopeez): love Deadpool, but unfortunately I received this figure in my Poptaria box, so bit of a bummer to get a duplicate. Pop In A Box wasn’t to know, though, as this box had already been posted at the time.


#71 Vision Metallic (£11.99 // $18.00 USD?)

#95 Scarlet Witch (£8.95 // $12.50 USD for Civil War version)

Vision and Scarlet Witch were my favorite characters in Age of Ultron, and my fave romantic pairing as well (hey, it’s canon in the comics!) so it’s super cool I got both of them! ❤


The reason I hesitated so long in writing up this review is because I was pretty upset after receiving this box. Not in the contents, I love everything in the box – but because of what WASN’T in the box. I signed up for the 12-Pop plan and only received 4 Pops + 1 Mopeez!

This was only ever going to be a try-and-cancel subscription as it’s too expensive to keep and the only reason I signed up to begin with was due to a 50% off voucher which made it great value, even with the exchange rate and shipping. Getting 5 items instead of the full 12 I expected made an objectively great box instead feel like a very disappointing box.

Just to clarify – I was only billed for the 5 items, not all 12. If the Pop In A Box system is unable to allocate you the full number of Pops as per your plan, you will only be charged for what you receive.

I emailed the support team:

Hi, I’m not sure why it appears only 5 pops are being shipped – when I created my wishlist, I made sure that all the items were in stock and listed as available on your website, precisely to avoid this situation where I have to pay for multiple shipping costs.

I’m not happy at the prospect of having to pay another lot of shipping charges or possibly more, depending on what criteria you use to judge how many pops to send when (even though there shouldn’t have been any problem finding 12 to fulfill my order given the ready availability of pops when I browsed through the collection).

And their response:

Hello Annie,
Thank you for contacting us about your query.
I am very sorry but our system is all automatic and it looks like it was only able to allocate 5 pops this month. No further payments will go out of your account until your next subscription next month.
If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.
Kind regards,
PopInABox Customer Service Team

I understand that they can’t send what they don’t have, but my issue was that I thumbed up nearly 50 Pops, all of which were marked as ‘in stock’, so there shouldn’t have been a problem selecting 12 to send me. If their website isn’t being updated regularly, that’s a major problem when everything is processed via that system.

And I get that the algorithm picks the Pops that are sent to subscribers, but there has to be a human involved somewhere along the way and I would’ve thought they would contact you to advise that less than half of your order is being sent so you at least have the chance to suggest other Pops that could be sent. Which is wishful thinking, I realize that, but definitely something they should implement…

Worth It? Objectively, this box was definitely great value due to the 50% off voucher I used – that meant the cost of the pops + shipping was $32.99 US (I paid a total of $45.84 AUD). Considering that Pops are sold locally for $18.99 and Mopeez for $14.99, if I’d bought these myself in town, I would’ve paid nearly double the price at $90.95!

At the regular price, it’s decent value for US subscribers if you get one of the bigger Pop packages and I think avid Pop collectors would enjoy this subscription as there’s a huge range you could potentially receive Pops from. For Australians or those in countries where the exchange rate with the UK is terrible, there’s such minuscule savings (if any) that you may as well just purchase locally.

It may also be an issue if you get Pops as presents from people or if you’re subscribed to another box that sends Pops and you’re not able to update Pop In A Box’s website in time to prevent a duplicate being sent, as happened with me.

Personally, I can’t recommend it based on the inexplicable workings of the automated system and not knowing how many Pops you can expect a month if you’re as particular as I am and have a select pool of Pops for it to choose from.

Find Out More: you can find Pop In A Box on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.


4 thoughts on “Pop In A Box – March 2016

    • Thanks, lovely 😀

      I appreciate your comment – I didn’t realize that I hadn’t explained it clearly! You can sign up for 1 – 12 Pops, but if they can’t find enough to fill your plan, you’re only billed for the number they send you, NOT the total! I would’ve caused a huge scene if they’d billed for the whole 12 D:

      I wonder if you could scam the system – it’s cheaper to get 12 pops, so you could theoretically thumbs down everything except maybe the 5 Pops that you really want and get those at a cheaper rate…but knowing those pesky algorithms, you’d probably get nothing at all in the mail, lol.


  1. Hm.
    I was reading and saw all the good pops being reviewed and wondered what the end result/review was going to be. It is surprising and a shame you got less than half the expected amount- especially when it seemed like they had an amazing system in place to give an indication of preferences and prior purchases! I wonder if it was just bad luck- and some others got some of the ones you indicated you’d like before their allocation was exhausted or if indeed there is a bad system in place?

    At least you only paid for what you got and it was still an awesome deal! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I couldn’t give a rating as I have been doing in recent reviews because the box was good, BUUUT. :/ My emotions! If I’d known their system was so finicky and useless, I would’ve thumbed up a hundred pops! If they’re going to rely entirely on the computer to sort out orders, it should be well-maintained, damn it 😦

      Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that – you’re right, maybe there were still Pops at the time, but then when they were packaging boxes, the ones I’d favorited got taken…but then that would happen to a lot of customers month after month, so that’s a bit unfair.

      In the end, though, really was a fantastic deal, I haven’t seen too many 50% coupons for a geek box like this, so that was amazing!


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