Poptaria Pop Culture Mystery Box – March 2016

Poptaria offers a monthly themed box designed to appeal to geeks and gamers. As you can see on their Past Boxes page, each box tends to contain between 5 – 7 items which may include pop vinyls, action figures, accessories, comics, books and more.


Poptaria arrives in a plain white box with its neat dragon logo on top.

Cost: $49.99 for one month, $146.97 for three months or $563.88 for twelve months.
Ships To: Australia only.
Mailed Out: before the end of each month
Payment Method: Paypal, credit card or via EFT

Good To Know: Poptaria’s newest theme is announced via social media on the 16th of each month. You then have until the 15th of the following month to place your order and this is for a non-renewing subscription (which I find to be a relief – I have to keep a spreadsheet with cancellation deadlines for all my other boxes, and it can be an ordeal making sure things are cancelled in time).

A shipping confirmation email and tracking number is provided when your order is on its way so you can eagerly anticipate its arrival. ^_^ This shipped last Wednesday 23rd and due to the Easter long weekend, it arrived today (so normally I’d assume it takes only two days).


First peek inside of March’s Heroes box.



Deadpool pin badges: $5 for a set of six, however as you can see, Poptaria have substituted their own pin for one of the Deadpool pins, sneaky sneaky! Honestly, I am not a fan of pins – in my youth, I was obsessed with them, I’d pin as many as could fit on my poor abused handbags, but somewhere along the way, I lost interest and these don’t do anything for me now.


Deadpool Mopeez Plush ($14.99): super adorable! I went to see Deadpool as soon as it was released last month and enjoyed it immensely, so I’m happy to have this cute little guy adding a (violent) splash of color to my living room!

Captain America: Civil War – Unmasked Iron Man POP! Vinyl ($18.99): very timely with the movie coming out next month. I’m a huge Avengers fan and this is perfect to fan the flames of my excitement for the new sequel. πŸ˜€ I didn’t have an Iron Man pop in my collection, so this fits in perfectly! I really like seeing Tony’s face – most of the other Pops have him fully masked, so I’m glad this is the one I received.


Batman Glow-In-The-Dark Mug ($14.99): I like a geeky item that can serve a purpose! I have this quirky trait whereby I only drink out of mugs – doesn’t matter if it’s juice or soft drink, I don’t like drinking from glasses, so I’m pleased to have another mug to add to my vast assortment. ^_^


Avengers Vs Infinity 2015 #1 ($5.99): I’m not really into comics, I know, I know, what a character flaw. The medium just doesn’t appeal to me! I’ll flick through this to see what’s what and then regift it to someone more appreciative.


I had a lot of fun unboxing this! I’m a fan of all the franchises represented, so A+ curation in my opinion. πŸ˜‰ It’s always great to get a box that caters to your favorite fandoms, and I was thrilled with the big-ticket item, the new Iron Man POP! Vinyl.

The only thing I didn’t like was the pins, but that was a filler item anyway and the cheapest in the box, so I’m not fazed. I’ve had worse strike-rates with more expensive items! This box was more successful overall for me than the previous Loot Crates I’ve received and at a lower cost from an Australian company, so this is a total win. \o/


Worth It?Β The value of this month’s box came to $59.96, which makes me happy – I like to see a box exceeding its cost! I really want to subscribe again, but the new theme is Horror and I’m very picky about my horror (plus if there’s a serial killer pop, I wouldn’t be too keen on displaying that unless it’s Hannibal because he just kills the rude, okay). I’ll definitely be checking back next month to see what May’s theme is in the hopes I can order that, though!

Find Out More: check out Poptaria on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I paid for this box out of my own wallet and this review is based on my own unbiased opinions, not in exchange for compensation!


7 thoughts on “Poptaria Pop Culture Mystery Box – March 2016

    • Thanks, bb! πŸ˜€ I’m so pleased with this box overall *twirls*

      I’m not going to buy the Horror box next month buuuut the junior box has a Marvel theme! I messaged Poptaria about the chance of duplicates (imagine if I got a 3rd Deadpool, lmao) and was told there’s absolutely no repeats of any items, so all systems go!


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    • It does seem to be popular – I think I saw it in a different geek box as well (Geek Fuel?). Now with Captain America themes everywhere, there’s probably risk of duplicates if you get multiple geek/nerd boxes…


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