Yogi Surprise Jewelry Subscription Box – March 2016

Yogi Surprise started off with a yoga-themed lifestyle package and then expanded to offer a jewelry subscription that includes 2 items of jewelry and one organic vegan chocolate treat.


Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box
Cost: $24.99 (USD) for a monthly subscription
Ships To: US for free and internationally for $15
Mailed Out: on the 6th of each month
Payment Method: Credit card only
**note: there are recurring charges on the 14th of each month**

Good to know:Yogi Surprise provides a spoiler for one of the jewelry pieces each month – I really like that it gives people the chance to decide whether it’s worth subscribing/keeping the subscription while still maintaining an element of surprise with the second piece.

I received an email to confirm when my box was shipped along with a tracking number – as an international purchaser, this is always handy and I wish it was a rule all subscription boxes had to offer it! Since my box was delivered nearly two weeks later on the 18th of March, it was good to be able to see its progress and anticipate its arrival!


Buddha Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bar
Retail Value listed at $6.00

I thought the chocolate would be a slam-dunk – I’ve eaten a lot of vegan chocolate and know that being dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, etc. doesn’t equate to being taste-free. Unfortunately, this was quite bitter and not pleasant to eat. I offered some to my vegan friend who might’ve been more predisposed to enjoy it but alas, he didn’t like it either and gave it 3/10. 😦

Feather Rose Quartz Point Pendant Necklace
Retail Value listed at $75.00


Rose quartz speaks directly to the heart chakra as it purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Accompanied by a feather, let this piece be a reminder to continuously create the space necessary for evolution to a higher plane.

Pearl & Amazonite Buddha Bracelet
Retail Value listed at $38.00


Amazonite is known to soothe the chakras and align the physical body to the Etheric while Pearls are said to give the wearer a sense of calmness and centredness, promoting faith, loyalty, truth and purity.


I really enjoyed opening this box and thought both pieces were very pretty and well-made. I bought this with the intention of regifting the necklace to a friend whose birthday is next month and I know she’ll love the double-layered necklace, but the bracelet’s fate is yet to be determined! I probably should give that to her as well since it’s her favorite color, but it’s so beautiful and looks great on me…I shall have to ponder on this further!

It’s cool that Yogi Surprise provides an information card with details on the stones that make up the jewelry, I liked how they linked the necklace and bracelet to their yoga theme. I’m not spiritual so I don’t really believe in chakras or gems amplifying emotions, but it’s very interesting to read in the same way that I’ll check out my horoscope to see how it might relate to my life.


(apologies for the shoddy pics, the lighting was not fabulous and I didn’t realize til afterwards that the colors didn’t come out very well)

Worth It? Definite yes from me! Two accessories plus chocolate for $24.99 is a great deal! Both pieces are great quality and unique as well, I haven’t seen jewelry like this in local stores, so it’s a lovely surprise to see what Yogi Surprise will send.

I don’t put much stock in the listed retail value – I’m sure pieces like this probably are expensive, but I’m equally certain they get marked up a lot, so I judge based on what I personally would pay. With the conversion to Australian currency, this came to $44.21 and I would’ve been willing to pay $20 for each piece, so I’m happy with the value of what I received!

Find Out More: you can find Yogi Surprise on Instagram and Facebook.


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