Loot Crate loot4love part 2

Previously in my ludicrous overspend on Loot Crate, I reviewed the Extra Loveable Loot Bundle. Now I’ll go through the second box I purchased, which was the Women’s Extra Loveable Accessories Bundle, costing $29.99 USD plus $10 shipping to Australia.


This bundle offered: ‘a charm, bracelet, bag and more from 2015 that’ll enhance and level up your wardrobe. Over $80 in retail value that includes exclusives from Star Wars, Legend of Zelda and more!’



Blink Time Stealth Wrist Watch (similar watch valued at $3.29): this was in the ‘Covert’ box, and I can see how it fits the theme, but boy, does this seem useless to me! As a gimmick or for kids playing at being spies, it could be cool, but I prefer the time to be readily visible on my watches…


Pikachu beanie ($13.03): I confess to watching this show in my youth, but I outgrew it long ago. I’m not sure who this is aimed at, because kids these days have their own cartoons, and those of my generation are probably too old/embarrassed to be seen wearing Pikachu accessories? (I’m not judging anyone who would rock this look, I just don’t know if you exist?)

It’s a cute touch having the PokeBalls attached, though. I might give this to my extremely expectant friend who’s due to pop out a mini-me any day now. I’m not an expert on what’s infant-appropriate, but I think it’d make for a cute photo and the kid’ll be in no position to argue!


Bioworld Legend of Zelda Viscose Scarf ($13.99): I have basically no knowledge of this game, but a scarf is a crowd-pleaser, imo! I appreciate the esoteric print, so this can be worn without the source material being as obvious as the Pikachu above. I like the pretty design and the soft material – I’m very fussy about texture and this feels nice against my skin.


Bioworld Legend of Zelda Braided Cuff Bracelet (value $15?): the second Zelda item in this box, and of less interest to me than the scarf. I don’t mind wearing jewelry for a fandom I’m not passionate about as long as I like the look of it, but while the cuff feels pleasantly smooth, the insignia is going for that tarnished look, which to me just appears cheap.


BB-8 Clutch Bag ($10-15?): SO FREAKING CUTE. I fully admit to buying this box hoping for Star Wars merch, specifically BB-8, and I totally scored! I love how practical this item is as well as being adorably nerdy. Plus it comes enclosed in a vinyl pouch with a neat design that can also be of use for storage!


Darth Vader Bag Charm ($5-10?): I’m flailing again at how cute this is. I often end up breaking zips on my handbags, and it’s not a bad thing in my view as I can attach a key chain to jazz things up. Darth Vader is PERFECT for this purpose. Tough durable material, but squishable! πŸ˜€


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 pin ($12.50): this is a cool item and I like The Hunger Games (well, I’ve paid to watch the whole quadrilogy at the movies, anyway) but pins don’t really do it for me, personally. I’m not a fan of stabbing holes into my outfits, unfortunately! Will be regifting this one as well.


Verdict: I think it lived up to the value as promised – I estimated some of the costs, which is a real guessing game because some people have put different items on Amazon and ebay at varying prices. I just put a token figure roughly what I would be willing to pay if I saw the items for sale, and it matches the $80 quoted, so I’m happy with that.

There were a few duds, but aside from the incomprehensible watch (if someone understands the appeal, please, explain it to me!), I can’t fault Loot Crate as it all comes down to personal preference – I might not appreciate the Zelda bracelet or Mockingjay pin, but I know a lot of people would be thrilled to receive these accessories. On the plus side, I’m rapt with the two Star Wars items, they’re just too adorable! And when you’re dealing with subscription boxes, you can’t expect to love everything, I just try to make the best of it and regift what doesn’t appeal to me so I can make someone else happy.

What I like about this 2015 collection is that there isn’t any filler – while reading a ton of Loot Crate reviews, I’ve noticed a few things seem to have been thrown in to make up their quota (for eg. stickers and badges), but I don’t think any of the items I received could be called filler. Even the much-maligned watch serves a purpose, it can tell time, even if you have to press its face to reveal that! I’m a big fan of functionality in combination with aesthetics, so I appreciate how a lot of these things are both geeky AND useful.

I wasn’t going to throw any more money at Loot Crate, but darn my lack of impulse control, I’ve gone and subscribed to the Level Up Accessories bundle. This month features Batman Vs Superman along with a special guest, who absolutely HAS to be Wonder Woman, imo, and I couldn’t miss out!


2 thoughts on “Loot Crate loot4love part 2

  1. Glad to see you enjoyed Loot Crate! I definitely agree with a lot of their products being hit-or-miss, but like you say, there are tons of people out there who love things like the Hunger Games and stuff. I have a big box full of things I’ve gotten from Loot Crate and Nerd Block that I didn’t like and plan to give to various people.

    Also, speaking as a huge Pokemon fan at age 30, who plans on playing Pokemon GO and everything… I agree that wearing that Pikachu cap in public would be weird. Maybe wearing it to a con or something wouldn’t be so bad, but I wouldn’t put that on just to go out.

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    • Hehe, yep, my dining table is currently housing all my boxes and I’m having fun making up gift sets for birthdays/random surprises. πŸ˜€

      I’ve also bitten the bullet and subscribed for Loot Crate in addition to the Level Up Accessories…for the next few months with the huge blockbuster movies (Batman Vs Superman, Avengers, Suicide Squad), I think the boxes will have a few things that’ll win my heart!

      I’m glad you agree – I thought that sentence was going to finish a totally different way and was prepared to apologize, lol. I’m a huge Angry Birds fan myself – I have a gigantic red Angry Bird residing in his own recliner in my living room (and I’ll scold human guests who oust him to sit there!) but the one time I wore my Angry Birds beanie out in public, I felt really conspicuous and like everyone was laughing at me behind my back, so…yeah, never again…


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