Once Upon A BookCase – March 2016


This is a good haul! I love receiving packages!

I think I’m getting a reputation at the post office as the ‘crazy box girl’, lol, and the poor postman is complaining about having to climb up the stairs to my first floor office practically every day.


Once Upon A BookCase is a book-themed phone case of the month subscription accompanied by 2-4 similarly themed accessories. They have tons of phone options so you can customize to your phone (view all options here) and you can further choose from the Girly Girl, Manly Man or Anything & Everything plans according to your preferences!

Once Upon A BookCase
Cost: $26.00 (USD) for a monthly subscription + postage
Ships To: US for $5.50 and varying costs for international postage (+$14 to Australia)
Mailed Out: first week of each month
Payment Method: Credit card only
**note: there are recurring charges on the 12th of each month**

Good To Know: The Anything & Everything box is identical to either the Girly Girl OR Manly Man boxes, so this is a good option if you want to surprise yourself with the style of what you’re getting – obviously the GG is more stereotypically feminine while the MM is the opposite. Although to clarify, you still might get jewelry with the MM box – that wasn’t obvious to me until I looked at a few past reviews (for eg. MyFaveSubBoxes reviewed the December Manly Man box which had a beanie, lightning bolt necklace and Snitch bracelet)

I received an email to confirm when my box was shipped, along with a tracking number – as an international purchaser who sometimes has to wait weeks for international packages, this is very welcome! And it was a pleasant surprise to receive mine on the 9th of March, which was much earlier than I would’ve thought, so I didn’t have to wait very long at all!


Theme: I chose the Girly Girl option and the theme was Gone With The Wind.


First peek inside.


The Southern Belle cookie cutter displayed in front of the print on the right.

This is one of the more creative description cards I’ve seen – on one side, it details the contents of the box and links them to the theme, and on the other, it’s a gorgeous quote print! It would be lovely in a frame if you’re so inclined, or I’m thinking I’ll just tape it up at my desk – I have boring phone numbers and important dates on my left, so this would be nice to jazz up the right-hand side!


‘Get through those hot summer months with this stunning hand fan…’

This fan is very appropriate to the theme – when I think of Southern belles, I do picture them sipping tea and delicately fanning themselves!


‘Hide your spare change in this gorgeous purse Scarlett would have carried…’

I wasn’t so sure about the relevance of this purse – then out of curiosity, I googled ‘1800s purse’ and something quite similar popped up, so I stand corrected!

Finally, the hero of the box – this month’s Girly Girl phone cover! The iconic quote on the back reads, ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.‘ (the apostrophe doesn’t seem to be on the case which irks me a tad but I can overlook it…) Great choice as everyone knows this phrase, even if they’re not familiar with the source material. And as an introvert, that suits me right down to the ground, I’ve had that thought in many a prolonged conversation!


I really like the inclusion of a Terms & Conditions card – this is the first one I’ve seen, and while it’s not glamorous, it’s a very thoughtful addition. I’m sure many other people also have multiple subscriptions, and it’s helpful to have a reminder of the billing date or to skip/cancel/etc. before too late.



Pros: I like this box. It’s a smart business idea, as most people have a smartphone these days and everyone can do with a cover, especially one with inserts so you can tuck in some cash or various cards, allowing you to travel light.And I like the creativity shown in putting these contents together.

Cons: Personally, I’m a bit disappointed there was no jewelry in this box – when I looked up the past few months of boxes, most of them included at least one item of jewelry and I really like shiny things! You can never have too much jewelry, whereas out of the items included here, I don’t think anyone these days uses a fan and most people already have a purse, which this floral coin-holder isn’t going to replace.

Worth It? For the novelty and cute accessories, sure! If you enjoy bookish-themed items, this is fantastic. In terms of monetary value, sadly, no.

I’m so envious of Americans who can subscribe to this for a little over $30 per month, because I’m torn about whether I can justify continuing with this as an Australian having to take into account international shipping costs plus the currency exchange rate…with that in mind, this is a terrible deal, it’s twice the cost! (my co-worker judged me so hard when I opened this over lunch, lol)

If you were looking to purchase similar items individually, you could pick up the cookie-cutter for US $0.99 / AUS $1.33, the hand fan for US $0.75 / AUS $1.00, the purse for US $4.50 / AUS $6.05 and a patterned phone cover for US $2.33 / AUS $2.99.

Keep The Subscription? The attraction of this subscription is the exclusive phone cover with a bookish print that you can’t buy anywhere else – personally, I spent about $20 on my current phone cover, so if I lived in the US with the option of getting a surprise box of beautiful bookish items every month for only ~$10 more, this would be a no-brainer. It’s a cute Christmas present to yourself on a monthly basis!

Similarly, if you live in a country where the currency conversion to the US dollar is favorable (for eg. UK subscribers can get this for about $30 based on the current exchange rate even with international shipping), go for it!

For all other potential international subscribers, unless you have enough disposable income to throw at frivolous purchases, it’s not really value for money. I thiiiiink I will wait for April’s box because it’s most likely Beauty & the Beast and I can’t resist, but will definitely have to cancel afterwards. 😦

Find Out More: If you’re interested in seeing pictures of items from previous boxes or finding out hints to the next month’s theme, check out their instagram!


5 thoughts on “Once Upon A BookCase – March 2016

    • Thanks! Sorry to hear you’re in the same boat, though, my condolences! We got dealt such a harsh hand of cards, sigh.

      Meanwhile I accidentally-kinda-on-purpose forgot to cancel my subscription so I will be getting next month’s box! After that, I’ll need to cancel and then never read another unboxing so I can avoid temptation.


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