Splash Box – Surprise Box February 2016

Splash Box is a bi-monthly women’s subscription box that contains 5 – 7 products from categories including home decor, beauty, fashion and snack foods. It’s admirable that they try to source from small Australian businesses with each box. For a limited time, they’re offering the Surprise Box with items from previous months at a discounted price, which is a deal I jumped on so I could test the waters and see whether I wanted to subscribe to the full-price Splash Box in future.



Splash BoxSurprise Box
Cost: $24.95
Ships to: Australia only
Payment method: Paypal or credit card

**Note: there is usually an information card in the box, but as this is a compilation of products from various 2015 boxes with each person receiving different items, obviously that wasn’t possible this time**


New Moon Scents 6-pack of melts ($5): these blueberry cheesecake melts are the most amazing thing I’ve ever smelled, this heavenly aroma was emanating right through the box and its packaging and made me even more excited to tear into the box! I’ve been interested in trying these out, so this was a great item to discover. I rang up Dusk to put a wooden oil burner on hold (it matches the office decor) and now I have this set up in our reception area, sharing the delightful scent and making everyone that walks through crave dessert! Every person that enters the office comments on how luscious it smells, mwahaha.


Hurraw! black cherry tinted lip balm ($3.79): another subscription box, another lip balm, lol. That’s fine by me, I have very sensitive skin so I’m constantly moisturizing and applying lip balm.

Aroamas perfume stick ($7.65): this is a new concept to me, but I can roll with that. The ‘Aloha’ scent was lovely and I like the idea of throwing this small tube in my bag to go, it’s very convenient.

Reed pink Australian clay castile soap sample (???): the full size soap is sold for $4.50, but I’m not sure how much this sample size would be valued at – my guesstimation skills fail me here, alas.

Clean Tea sample ($2.97): Dream Tea, intended to enable restful sleep and rejuvenation. I don’t drink tea, so while this is prettily packaged, it’s a non-event for me.


Elephant candle holder ($9.95): I couldn’t find a value for this online until I came across an unboxing post for the November Splash Box by Jackie Mellormua. I’d assumed it was about $10, so yay me at guesstimating. This is such a cute figurine, and it’s the perfect gift for a friend whose birthday is coming up as she loves anything elephant-themed.

2 x Tila Candle co tea lights ($2): one grapefruit & lime and the other coconut lime. Can’t have a candle holder without candles! I love that these came in conjunction with the above item, it will make a lovely gift set.


Shmick message magnet ($5-10?): I adore collecting magnets for my fridge, so this went up straight away and its inspirational message is very appropriate for me. I stress out a lot and I’m always thinking I need to just calm down, take a breath and enjoy what I have.

(error: no picture found due to product being so tasty, I forgot to individually photograph it…)

Chimes Toasted Coconut Toffee ($4.21 on special, down from $4.95): I wasn’t expecting a snack to be included, so this was a lovely surprise, especially as it’s both vegan and gluten-free, which is very lucky for a friend at work who has that difficult combination of strict dietary requirements! After watching him enjoy a couple of these at lunch, I offered him the whole pack as a gift and he immediately pounced on it – a definite recommendation!


Verdict: I loved it! I was really happy with the box overall – sure, I got another pack of tea I don’t drink, but my cousin’s on a health kick and gladly took it off my hands. Everything else was either pretty or useful or both! The appeal of a box like this is that it provides you with things you can’t easily find nearby or may not even know are out there, but will be delighted to find included. I liked several of the items in this box, it felt like a friend had personally bought these for me! And I’m happy to purchase a subscription box that supports small Australian businesses as well. I immediately subscribed to the full-price Splash Box and I can’t wait to see what I receive next. 😀




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